What is the mission of Jessica Hunt Photography?

The mission of Jessica Hunt Photography is to provide high-end wedding photography services to every JHP couple and to create imagery that represents each client's unique love story in a personal and artistic way. Beyond the mission of ensuring every JHP couple walks away from their wedding photography 100% satisfied, the mission of JHP is to create positive imagery of those less represented in the current wedding industry and cause societal change by normalizing the love stories of those underrepresented.

What is the origin story of Jessica Hunt Photography?

I officially started Jessica Hunt Photography, LLC in January of 2015, but the dream to have my own full time wedding photography business began in 2010. As a 15 year old high school student, I shot my first few weddings as an intern for a local professional photographer, and those first few weddings days and all that went into them captured my heart for the first time. I did not commit to being a photographer for my career until 2012, and after I made the decision that being an artist and business owner was what I truly wanted, I left a full scholarship to small college for a degree in education to pursue my Bachelor's of Arts in Studio Art at Columbia College. Throughout college, I started growing a clientele base for my business, but never had enough time to devote to truly cultivating my business. Once I finished my degree in 2014, the real hustle began. In 2015 I went full-time with my business, started it officially (read legally, ha!), and began one of the greatest adventures of my life!

What is your favorite project that you've worked on?  

Goodness, there have been so many, but the one type of wedding day sticks out to me as my 'favorite' per say would be intimate weddings.  The kind of day I'm talking about is those wedding days where every little thing is about the couple and their love. I love intimate ceremonies, small wedding parties, and secret moments during the couple's portraits. In 2017, I had the honor of joining Kat and Nate for their wedding day, and they had a day just like the one I'm describing. No wedding party, a small guest list, and an hour for portraits together. Those are the kind of projects that make my heart soar; where everyone in one place is gathered to be there for ONE thing: love.

How are you a "wedding space disruptor"?

I'd like to think I'm disrupting the wedding industry in a few ways: 

  1. Locally — I am based out of Columbia, SC, and my local wedding industry is full of vendors who refuse service to same-sex or LGBTQ+ couples. I have started branding myself as one of the only same-sex friendly photographers in my area, and I have been able to serve SO many amazing couples in the area because of it! Not only have I seen growth in my business in this area, but I've also been able to show the other photographers in this area that the excuse of, "Well, what if the straight religious couples see my same-sex work and not hire me anymore?" doesn't cut it. That line of thinking is simply untrue, and I'm proud to be shaking up the local industry by proving just how easy it is to be successful while serving EVERY couple.

  2. Via publications — Being published online and in print are high up on my list of things to constantly be doing in this business, and one way I am hoping to disrupt the wedding industry is by submitting beautiful work that represents the love stories of minorities that editors cannot pass up. Too often the only weddings being published in the wedding industry are images of the same vanilla couple we've seen a million times, and I've made it a goal to present editors with stunning photos that show something a bit different than just the vanilla. That way editors cannot pass on the submission based on the quality of the images or the genuine love of these couples, and hopefully, are more likely to publish imagery with representation and diversity.

What three ingredients are necessary for a great day at Jessica Hunt Photography?

  1. A couple in LOVE! I often tell my clients, "All you two have to do is be in love; I'll do the rest!"

  2. A couple who cares about their images and their experience.

  3. A wedding vendor team ready to provide the best experience possible for the couple in every way imaginable.

What are some traits of your ideal clients?

My ideal couple loves deeply and openly. They laugh together, and they love to just BE together. They are planning on a lifetime of ups and downs together, and they both know the other is perfect for them. They care about other humans and express empathy. They are socially conscious and openly bold about what they believe in. They love to cuddle with their fur babies and a little Netflix, but also know how to party. They are kind, passionate, open minded, and in love. They care about the images we create together and work hard to make sure our experience is successful. They love each other and others deeply.

What Past Clients Have To Say:

"Jess was absolutely amazing! Our first meeting was in a coffee shop (because we were local) and very 'no pressure'. She showed us her amazing work for engagement, wedding, and boudoir shoots. Each was presented professionally and gave us an accurate depiction of her photography style. We had a quickly-approaching wedding date, so we had only a wedding package. Jess was willing to work with our needs and wants throughout the entire process. Also at this first meeting, Jess got to know us and really wanted to know our story. It was like we had always been friends. She was so easy to talk to! Her follow up after the first meeting was timely and efficient. Note: We first met with her in July and had a September wedding - we were extremely lucky she had a free date!) The process is super easy and we had great communication throughout. She will send reminders and follow up with details. The wedding day was an absolute wonderful experience. Jess accomplished all our wishlist items and kept us on our timeline. She managed to capture all the beautiful details and special moments between Jenna and I. She made it seem effortless. She even did surprise Polaroid pictures that day, which she later sent to us after the wedding. She was able to walk us through our day in pictures, while also letting each moment be about Jenna and I. From getting ready to the ceremony to the reception and our goodbye, there wasn't a single moment missed. Jess has a way of seeing the emotion and the specialness of each moment and somehow manages to capture it. She makes you feel beautiful and shares in the magic of the day. Jess's attention to detail and the way she communicates and befriends her clients is second to none. The quality of her work is timeless and beautiful. She has an amazing spirit and should be everyone's first choice for their wedding photography. We cannot say enough wonderful things about Jess and her work!”

— Jenna & Christina, married Sept 9, 2017


Hi! I'm Jessica Hunt, a wedding photographer for the progressive, in-LOVE couple. I've been documenting love stories for eight years, and there's nothing in this world that brings me joy the way being a photographer for incredible couples does! Offering wedding day, engagement & anniversary services and available for travel!






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