What is the mission of Modern Rebel & Co.?

Modern Rebel's mission is to plan & coordinate badass alternative events that also give back to local non-profits.

What is Modern Rebel & Co.'s Origin Story?

Modern Rebel was started in 2015 by Amy Shackelford. After working a myriad of odd jobs to pay the rent, she decided to assist a friend who was planning her own wedding. Amy was frustrated by her lack of career direction and her friend mentioned that wedding planning might be the right career path for her. As a fierce feminist and social justice advocate, Amy scoffed at this idea. After a few weeks though, she returned to her friend's advice. She was excited by being a boss-lady and she felt she had a real knack for organization and clear communication. And hey, maybe there were others who loved the idea of romantic commitment but sort of hated the wedding industry and wanted an alternative that gave back to local non-profits. She called up the Center Against Domestic Violence and pitched a crazy idea: what if every-time someone got married, someone got out of an abusive relationship? Could that cycle work? CADV liked her enthusiasm, called her in, and "A Modern Vow" was born. Each wedding meant 5% of funds to their children's program. From there, the company grew and partnered with 3 more non-profits and ventured outside just weddings and re-branded as Modern Rebel & Co.

What is one of your favorite projects you've ever worked on?

Modern Rebel once co-produced an immersive theater experience in Green-Wood cemetery. It was mystical, magical, and we sold out almost every night!

How are you a "wedding space disrupter”?

By giving back to NYC non-profits. By challenging our clients to make choices about their wedding that truly reflect them not the "wedding industrial complex."

What three ingredients are necessary for a great day at Modern Rebel & Co.?

Coffee. Authentic conversations. Spontaneous Shania Twain dance parties.

What are some traits of your ideal client?

People that value egalitarianism in their life & love, they don't sweat the small stuff, and they love to have a good time.

What Past Clients Have To Say:

"Amy was the rock of our wedding, we are so thrilled that we decided to work with her at Modern Rebel.

From our first meeting, Amy made it her mission to really understand us a couple. And she totally got us. She used this understanding to inform every decision and bit of advice she gave.

Amy always made herself available and was always in control. She was sooooooo organized and anticipated issues before they arose. We had infinite trust in her and she made us feel comfortable and at ease through all the standard milestones and crises that presented themselves leading up to the wedding. She also wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty and be insistent that vendors stayed on top of everything.

While some wedding coordinators may just want to ensure your day runs smoothly, Amy wants nothing else than for you to have the best day of your life. If you work with Amy, you can expect her to go above and beyond. She made herself available to answer questions and let us vent about our frustration. She's attentive and helpful and listened to our concerns. She is an unblinking, calming force. We always felt better after talking to her.

Amy also has a great vision for what makes a great wedding. We had no idea what we wanted with decor and after just two consulting meetings she not only gave us a direction in aesthetics and vision, but also guided us through finding vendors. The two consulting sessions was had ended up saving us at least $6,000. She incorporated the feedback we had on her suggestions and built off of them to really craft an environment that was perfect for us.

Perhaps most importantly, Amy has a great energy and is so pleasant to be around. Amy is a confident, individual-thinker and it really meshed with our personalities. We set out to be different from the norm and she encouraged it. She helped make this the unique experience we wanted.

We love Modern Rebel. Really, book them while you can. Sign them before they're booked solid for two years out."

Modern Rebel is an alternative event planning company in Brooklyn, NY for people planning weddings ... who sort of hate weddings. Through each event, Modern Rebel gives back to four local NYC non-profits proving it's possible, says A Practical Wedding, "to keep the pretty in perspective." On top of their mission to support causes they care about, Modern Rebel is also a company fiercely dedicated to creatively and authentically helping couples of all backgrounds tell their love stories with style & spunk. Their promise? Making your wedding a total love-party.


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We are located in Brooklyn, NY and Austin, TX. We travel within 2 hours of these locations. We hope to be expanding to a city near you soon!

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