What is the mission of Naturaleza Organic Jewelry

Naturaleza Organic Jewelry is a family-run business that is committed to sustainable practices in every aspect of our work. We create meaningful handcrafted symbols of love and commitment while honoring the earth. We partner with our customers to create rings that tell a story and have a connection.

What is your origin story? 

Marlon Obando Solano grew up exploring the tropical forests surrounding his home in rural San Lorenzo, Nicaragua. Alongside his 11 siblings, Marlon was raised on a small farm where he learned to use what was available to eat, work and play. While he was a student of archaeology he traveled throughout Central America and began experimenting with found natural materials to make jewelry and sculpture.

Amy and Marlon met in Nicaragua, fell in love, and began working together to sell jewelry to friends and travelers. Over the years, Naturaleza Organic Jewelry emerged as a pioneer in wood ring design, and our business became a sustainable source of income for our family. Marlon remains the sole artist/maker of the rings, and Amy manages the communications, marketing and other details.

What is one of your favorite projects you've ever worked on?

Every custom ring project is special, but we will always be grateful for our first big challenge from friends, which really took our rings to the next level. Marlon already was a master at creative and refined inlay work when our friends (also local business owners/restauranteurs) requested engagement rings with Mayan numbers. This was the beginning of our unique Mayan Numerology ring designs, which played a big role in our early success selling custom rings online.

How are you a wedding space disrupter?

Naturaleza Organic Jewelry is committed to offering unique, sustainable and meaningful jewelry that celebrates love. We exclusively use recycled metals and sustainably collected woods to avoid the contamination and destruction associated with mining and logging. We believe that love is love, and love to work with anyone and everyone who agrees. We are a two-person, family run business and reinvesting in sustainable farming and reforestation in Nicaragua.

What three ingredients are necessary for a great day at Naturaleza Organic Jewelry? 

Good music or a new podcast on in the studio, a nice long nap for our toddler, and hearing from another satisfied customer!

What are some traits of your ideal clients and customers?

Our ideal customers are seeking a meaningful wedding ring. They have appreciation for the process of making a handmade piece of jewelry and the artist who creates it. They want to represent their love and commitment with a piece of jewelry that is beautiful, comfortable and unique.

What Past Clients Have To Say:

"What fine craftsmanship coupled with speedy shipping! We couldn't have asked for a more meaningful and beautiful piece of art to celebrate for a lifetime. My babe loved his ring so much he doesn't even want to wait to wear it before the wedding! Thanks guys!"

"My Fiance and I are so so pleased with these rings. We will be exchanging them in just over one week and we couldn't be more thrilled; the craftsmanship and attention to detail are astounding. Truly a beautiful purchase that we will cherish forever. Thank you so much for your attention to every detail we requested and for supplying us with information about the wood, as we requested!"


Naturaleza Organic Jewelry features ecofriendly wood wedding rings, engagement and commitment rings with accents in recycled sterling silver and gold. Our unique jewelry is exclusively handmade and custom designed by Marlon Obando Solano with the highest quality recycled, reclaimed and sustainably collected materials. We also offer cufflinks, earrings and necklaces. We offer an extensive line of jewelry that is made to order, and gladly accept custom orders for unique designs.


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