Shawnee C Photography

Richmond, Virginia & Worldwide

"I'm passionate about photographing kind-hearted folks who are unapologetically themselves. I'm a queer feminist, love a good audiobook (hello Harry Potter!), and will always enthusiastically say YES to a costume party. My favorite folks to work with believe in giving back to their communities, that #BlackLivesMatter, that climate change is you know...real, and choose to embrace their own unique quirks and talents."


Jessica Hunt Photography

Southeast United States

"Hi! I'm Jessica Hunt, a wedding photographer for the progressive, in-LOVE couple. I've been documenting love stories for eight years, and there's nothing in this world that brings me joy the way being a photographer for incredible couples does! Offering wedding day, engagement & anniversary services and available for travel!"


Vivian Chen

Oakland, California

"I'm a documentary travel and wedding photographer focused on candid moments and genuine portraits. Lover of the great outdoors, epic landscapes and redwood forests."


Jacqueline Connor Photography

Buffalo and Rochester, New York & Available for Travel

"As it is in my own life, my business has always been inclusive. I am forever grateful for the experiences I have been welcomed into, and will always honor that privilege. Every step of the process from original inquiry response, to contracts, to the wedding day itself, assumes nothing about gender, race, creed, or sexual identity. All of the businesses and vendors that I partner with and recommend hold the same values of equality and service. From the engagement to a lifetime to portraits I am dedicated to running a fully-inclusive and socially conscious business."


Alex Bee Photo

Knoxville, Tennessee

"My mission is to provide inclusive, body-positive, and couple-centric wedding photography coverage to the Appalachian region. I reject the narrative that weddings must be perfectly styled & presented like a fairytale."


Carly Romeo & Co.

Richmond, Viginia & Worldwide

"Hi I'm Carly and I'm fucking passionate about a ton of things. Among them: feminism, photography, fairness (Libra alert), and riding my bike. I come from a feminist academic, activist, and professional background (past gigs have included working at Planned Parenthood and as Gloria Steinem's personal assistant) and am always looking to work with people who might have mixed feelings about the whole 'wedding' thing."


Amber Marlow

New York City

"You want a wedding album filled with photos that show you, and your relationship, in a genuine light. You’re creating a whole new family on your wedding day, that’s HUGE, and you know it! I mix my fine art background with photojournalism to create vibrant, unposed portraits and catch candid moments, all while bringing a fun, calming vibe to your wedding day."


Corey Torpie

New York City & Worldwide

"I am a Queens-based photographer living in Astoria, NY. I have been photographing weddings for nine years and specialize in documentary photography. My goal when photographing weddings is to capture the story of the day. I’m just as interested in showcasing the small subtle moments and quirky personal details, as I am with documenting the big showstoppers."


Diana Ascarrunz

Austin, Texas & Nationwide

"I'm a wedding and commercial photographer based in Austin, Texas. I love photography and working with couples who have a love of art, food, social justice."


Rachelle Rawlings Photography

Napa, Sonoma, San Francisco, Oakland, greater Bay Area

"I believe that being a photographer is about more than taking photos – it’s about people. I love getting to know you, helping you feel comfortable and excited about being photographed, and creating something beautiful and meaningful together. My approach to photographing weddings, couples and families is laid back and simple. I strive to capture you and your love as it really is!"


Meera Graham Photography

Missoula, Montana

"It's my missions to love the sh*t out of you, to love every part of your journey (the parts filled with joy AND the hard parts), to help you lean in to the things that make meaning for you...and to make photos that feel like something."


Mark Maya Photography

North Carolina & Available for Travel

"My mission is to provide an honest, stress-free experience for couples and capture timeless moments that they can enjoy with their family forever. My style of wedding photography is deeply rooted in connection and influenced by fine-art and documentary photography. The result is authentic, simple wedding photography that you can feel. I pride myself on not just being a photographer, but rather an artist who facilitates and creates an environment for two people to connect in."


J.Olson Weddings

Minneapolis, Minnesota & The Midwest

"I invite you to do your wedding your way, elope in the greater north, have a punk show with all your friends, party with an entire village. Weddings aren’t meant to be forced into a box, and neither are your photos. Regardless the situation, I will always bring my best, and strive to be the best possible person I can be. To never stop innovating, educating, and to always stand up for others. To create images with intention and heart."


Mae B Films

New York City

"I'm a Black woman, who's a wedding filmmaker. This industry is predominantly cis gendered white males and I'm disrupting the wedding industry by unapologetically adding my voice into the mix! Along with my couples, we collaborate together to capture films that really reflect their journey instead of a template that looks like every other wedding video on the web."


Becca Dilley Photography

Minneapolis and greater Minnesota, Wisconsin, Midwest

"I've created networking groups, I've run events to connect local couples with content-based wedding information, I've put together styled shoots and fake weddings and independent wedding fairs. And after all of that, the thing that actually disrupts the industry the most is totally ignoring it and focusing on the great couples I work with and how I can make their wedding day go easier, be more joyful, and be well documented so that they are free to enjoy it."


Marble Rye Photography

Oakland & Los Angeles

"I believe we are put on this earth to experience love — platonic, familial, romantic. I live in a sweet little apartment in oakland, california, with my favorite human (slash husband), Charlie. One day we'll get ourselves a dog. I got hooked on photography when i was 22. I took a Polaroid in Chennai, India of my rickshaw driver Sami, and his girlfriend. She held the photo to her heart and asked if she could keep it. Quickly, a swarm of children surrounded us — each shouting for their turn."


Latoya Dixon

Greenville, South Carolina

"Latoya Dixon Photography exists to provide a personable and enjoyable wedding photography experience that leaves couples feeling like they've hired a close friend--one who loves them, supports their union, and knows how to capture those stories just as beautifully."


The Girl Tyler

Norfolk, Viginia & Nationwide

"We live to capture real moments and relationships! You could call our style modern and honest, creating images and films that help you remember your wedding day exactly as it happened. We want to document all the feels and the funnies — the true spirit behind the couple!"


Cassandra Zetta

Cincinnati, Ohio & Nationwide

"My company's mission statement is to create a safe space for all couples, notably those within the LGBTQ+ community, to share their love openly and honestly, without worry. My tagline is "You're home." Where else can we be more ourselves than when we're at home, with our partner? Nowhere, I believe. And so, that's the experience I strive to recreate."


The Hidden Exposure

Richmond, Virginia & Toronto, Ontario

"My name is Jaime Patterson. I’m an inclusive, body-positive, LGBTQIA-affirming photographer based out of Richmond, VA. I specialize in lifestyle/family, portrait, wedding, and boudoir photography. And I want to help bring your stories to life — to share who you are with the world, with your loved ones, and with the incredible human being you see every day when you look in the mirror."


Chip Dizárd Weddings

Washington, DC & Maryland

"Chip Dizard Weddings has a team of talented photographers have shot over 250 weddings and events across the United States and in beautiful locations such as the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico. Couples enjoy working with him and the team because of his exuberant personality, professionalism, and dedication to making their wedding or engagement session an unforgettable experience."


Evergreen Era Films

Asheville, North Carolina

"We believe in creating handcrafted, personalized films for all types of couples that honestly and authentically express their love, enabling each couple to witness themselves in a new light and relive the memory of their wedding day whenever they need or want to."


Ella Sophie

Oakland CA, Bay Area, Napa & Traveling

"I'm an artist first and a wedding photographer second, I am not in the industry for the money but rather for the passion I have for true love. I'm always pushing my clients to do what they really want. You will never catch me telling someone they 'have' to do something because its a wedding standard, instead I tell my clients that they should do what makes them happy and stress free."


Betty Clicker Photography

Richmond, Viginia & Nationwide

"I'm Kate, a creative Virginia-based documentary wedding photographer serving Richmond, Charlottesville, DC, and destinations worldwide. Each wedding I photograph is its own adventure. I believe the experience of photography can enhance a wedding day and be made more wonderful by slowing down and listening. I strive to create soulful, authentic images that capture moments, personality and atmosphere."


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