In case you haven't noticed, we at Catalyst love to take a critical look at how weddings are represented in media, and pop culture plays a massive role in how we think about weddings.

Whether it's weddings we see in Disney movies as small children, royal weddings (oh, we see you Harry and Meghan!), The Bachelor and The Bachelorette enterprise, or the newest rom com to grace movie screens, the average American has a million ideas planted in their head about what a wedding should look like before they are even old enough to give consent to marry.

So in 2018, we are pleased to be launching a podcast dedicated to taking a closer look at pop culture and its impact on weddings, love, race, sexuality, gender norms, and more!

Join us each week as our Creative Director, Jen Siomacco, sits downs with special guests from the Catalyst Community and beyond to talk about their favorite (or least favorite) movies or tv shows that include weddings. Together, we'll PICK THAT SHIT APART. We'll talk about our favorite moments, the most unrealistic parts of the wedding, why there are is unbalanced representation of people of different races, cultures, sexualities, and gender identities, and why oh why do they need to blow up so many balloons in My Best Friend's Wedding (there aren't even any balloons at the wedding or reception?! What a waste of balloons and helium!) We'll discuss it all. 

Special guests will include: Carly RomeoKevin Lowery, Erika Swift, Tomayia Colvin, Allison Davis, Amy Shackelford, Liv Lyszyk, Renée Dalo, Raquita Henderson, Jessica Hunt, Lucy Baber, Erica Greenwold Reisen, Amanda Hartfield, and many more. 

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Meet Jen

Jen Siomacco is the Creative Director of Catalyst Wedding Co., and a user experience designer who manages, creates the layout and visual design of each issue of our print magazine, and is an advocate for net neutrality and web accessibility.

Jen is also a pop culture JUNKIE. She loves television and there are very few shows are considered too bad for her to watch. Her favorites are Buffy the Vampire SlayerBob's Burgers, and Parks and Recreation. She loves movies, and while her favorites include cult classics like Heathers and Reality Bites (love you Winona <3), she also has a deep love of foreign, classic, and independent film.

Fun fact: Her brother Ed Siomacco works for Industrial Light & Magic and is currently working on the film adaptation of her favorite YA book A Wrinkle in Time, so she is only two levels of separation away from Ava DuVernay. That's right. Be jealous. 

Watch Jen's TEDx RVA talk to better understand why we need to take a critical look at pop culture and wedding media and why diverse representation matters.