Develop a Brand and Style Guide


Develop a Brand and Style Guide


Ever want to be more consistent with your branding, voice, and overall presentation? Developing a brand and style guide is a key tool that you can then share with those you contract work out to. We’ll discuss your brand goals together and then I’ll deliver a complete styled PDF that outlines the following:

  • Logo usage Dos and Don’t

  • List of all of your brand colors and when to be use them (considering web accessibility guidelines)

  • Guidelines for writing in a consistent tone and voice.

  • Identifying descriptive words that represent your brand.

  • Compiling all of your brands iconography and how to use it

  • Developing templates and standard guidelines for sharing on social media platforms

Allow 3 weeks for turnaround. Please note this does not include the cost of developing your brand logo or other visual assets, this is about documenting all of your guidelines and templates in a central, sharable document.

All registration fees are non-refundable.

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