The Avowed Podcast

Join dynamic contemporary wedding cake baker Jasmine Lilly as she explores how and why we are married in the modern world. Tearing back the immaculate veil, Lilly takes listeners on a journey through love, marriage, and the multi-billion dollar industry that fuels the wild world of modern weddings.

Utilizing a celebratory and investigative approach, Lilly explores wedding tradition origins, societal expectations, and boundary pushing concepts in through inclusive conversations with wedding industry rebels, real couples, and bad-ass people with something to say about love. Lilly leaves no stone unturned in her pursuit of innovation and understanding.

Through joyful investigation The Avowed Podcast seeks to refresh the spirit of weddings, shred obsolete boundaries, and give voice to contemporary perspectives on love and marriage. With a direct approach, humorous heartfelt moments, and refreshingly honest revelations, Lilly is actively creating the space necessary to cultivate a revolution of intention and understanding around habitual notions of love and marriage.

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Meet Jasmine: Rebel cake baker + Artist + Writer + Entrepreneur + Renaissance woman

Photo by Orange Photographie

Photo by Orange Photographie

Jasmine Lilly was more surprised than anyone at finding herself in the wedding industry, but with an extensive background in studio art and over ten years in the restaurant industry Lilly decided to marry her passion for food and artistry by opening her revolutionary wedding cake business, Whipped

Lilly’s ferociously contemporary wedding cakes may have been her introduction into the wedding industry but it is her inquisitive mind, and rebellious tendency to question established social scripts that sparked the simple yet radical concept for The Avowed Podcast. Drawn to the wedding industry for its collaborative artistic approach, Lilly quickly realized the dangerous expectations, social pressures, and disconcerting future of an industry that has celebritized “Bridezilla” behavior and enabled unrealistic expectations of perfection and heteronormative representation. Her unique approach has inspired a deeper exploration of this intrinsic piece of the human experience, as she invites a diverse array of people to open up about deeply personal moments in their journey’s to and from the altar.

Despite a family tree riddled with divorce, Lilly remains devoted to her partner of ten years, Patrick Burr (owner of Roots Kitchen & Cannery). For most of the last decade the question of marriage between them has been a relative non-issue but as she delves deeper into the wedding industry Lilly has begun to address her own motivation and desire to tie the knot.

Lilly’s work has been featured in People Magazine, Style Me Pretty, Destination I Do, and several other wedding publications and blogs.