What is the mission of The Girl Tyler?

We live to capture real moments and relationships! You could call our style modern and honest, creating images and films that help you remember your wedding day exactly as it happened. We want to document all the feels and the funnies — the true spirit behind the couple!

What is the origin story of The Girl Tyler?

Our company is comprised of a girl named Tyler, her husband Martin and his brother Graham. Tyler started the whole thing with her love of visual storytelling - from graphic design to photography. Then her filmmaking, tech-savvy husband joined in to help with photography and offer cinematography too. Lastly, Graham was brought on board to round out the team fresh out of college with a degree in filmmaking and serious skills in audio design. With all our powers combined, we've been working together full-time for 5 years and counting!

What is your favorite project that you've worked on?  

Do I really have to choose? While I love capturing couples and families, I also have a heart for travel and tourism in our local area (I grew up working in Colonial Williamsburg) and adore working with small businesses. So when we were given the opportunity to team up with a local venue (the Historic Post Office) to do a shoot around Downtown Hampton that would bring all those passions together, we jumped at the chance. The goal was to show off their neighborhood as a great date night destination and place for wedding guests to enjoy. We had a rad real couple that spent the afternoon and evening with us as we went around to lots of awesome local spots — eating, laughing, snuggling and exploring. I loved connecting not only with our models but all the businesses that opened their doors to us. It was a blast! Taking an adventure in our own back yard not only resulting in images we love but new, wonderful relationships as well.

How are you a "wedding space disruptor"?

I had never thought of us as being disrupters until I attended my first {un}convention in Richmond - I found my tribe. I was surround by like minded folks who embraced me, educated me and encouraged me to be my true self. I am a seeker of justice and constantly striving to treat others as I want to be treated. Being around these new comrades affirmed that I was already doing so many things right and also had room to grow (don't we all?). 

When we started our business, it was a way to be the decision makers in how we work, what we create and who we serve. It has also allowed us to follow our passions, hearts and beliefs. Being inclusive and welcoming all into our "TGT" family is a priority for us — we are believers in love, hate has no place here. We want to provide support those who don't always conform to societal "norms" — you are our people. Trust me, we bucked many traditions in our own wedding and still do in our daily lives! We also enjoy the freedom to support causes we hold dear. Whether it's creating a PSA video campaign for cleaning up beaches or taking images to blog about a Women's Rights March, we seek opportunities to use our skills as a voice.

What three ingredients are necessary for a great day at The Girl Tyler?

Beer, belly laughs and great music. But really, if we're talking about a wedding day then it's acceptance, enthusiasm and time. If we are surround by the first two and have plenty of the other, our team can really make magic!

What are some traits of your ideal clients?

Our couples are fun, quirky and full of life! We tend to attract folks that share our love for travel, good tunes and might have a slight nerdy side too. The couples that work with us typically have a strong sense of family as well — whether it's the one they were born into or the one they are building. They are passionate, hardworking and know how to have a darn good time too ;)

What Past Clients Have To Say:

"Tyler and her team are, quite simply, amazing. We live in DC, but had our wedding in the VB area. Tyler did a wonderful job working wish us remotely, and we knew we had made the right choice by the time we were able to meet for the engagement shoot. From moment one until Tyler delivered our final wedding photos, her team was perfectly professional, and downright bad-ass. Tyler really got to know us, and understood the kind of photography we wanted on our wedding day.

I'll truly cherish these photographs forever, and strongly recommend The Girl Tyler to anyone looking for seriously excellent photography. Knowing we were in great hands with our photographer relieved a tremendous amount of stress."

— Charlie R.

Tyler Adams


It all started with a girl named Tyler, then grew to become a family owned business that includes her husband and his brother too. We offer photography and cinema skills to anyone, anywhere! Spending our days behind the camera is our joy, creating images or films of anything from weddings to commercials to the every day. We live to photograph real moments, love in all forms and adventures big and small. Most importantly, we believe in family and the power of capturing that connection is truly our heart.

There's nothing like being with two people in love. We'll hop a train, take a plane, and go anywhere all because two people fell in love! Are you in love? Let's Talk! 


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Norfolk, VA and beyond! #havecamerawilltravel

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Travel Policy

We are based out of Hampton Roads, but serve all of Virginia and beyond! "Have camera, will travel" is one of our mottos, so please reach out about weddings all over the US and around the world!

Elopement Policy

Intimate weddings are our jam! Seriously though, no matter how you decide to tie the knot, it’s all about two people in love and that deserves to be captured. Our Elopement collections start at $1250 for up to 4 hours of coverage, a USB of images and an online gallery… but if you need a little something different, let’s chat!

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