Catalyst Takes New York // Toasted Wedding Event

toasted logo brooklyn new york

Catalyst Wedding Magazine will be sold at Toasted in Brooklyn on April 26th!

One of our most exciting meetings was with Dawn, co-owner of Toasted, a traveling indie bridal show. She and her partner, Tara, started their company in Brooklyn. They've taken the show to Washington, D.C., are currently out West in San Francisco and San Diego, and they'll make their way back to the East Coast for a Boston show and an encore Brooklyn show in the spring.

We met at Mud, one of our favorite coffee shops in the East Village, where we chatted with Dawn about being feminist creatives in a blossoming wedding industry and building a successful travelling business. After all, how do you extend your networks to a national audience? How do you find like-minded people in an entirely different part of the country?

Afterwards, we checked out Vera Meat and the Glasgow Vintage Company, where we bought cashmere sweaters. It was a perfect New York moment.