Real Couples // LA Arts District Engagement Session: Alissa + Bethany

Alissa and Bethany traveled from Chicago to LA and while they were in town they wanted to do their engagement photos. They had planned out the shoot months in advance and seeing their style, Elmer knew the Los Angeles Arts District would be perfect — a real LA vibe. At the end of the shoot, they went down to the LA river where you can see all the iconic bridges in the background (if you’ve watched any car commercial it’ll look familiar). The thing that stuck out most to Elmer about Alissa and Bethany was the way they got along together: specifically, how Bethany was happy simply seeing Alissa happy. Bethany is apt to do little things to show Alissa she cared for her. 

Words and photos courtesy of Elmer Escobar Photography.

Elmer Escobar


From his beginnings in New York as wedding photographer, to then moving to Los Angeles, Elmer Escobar just loves getting know new people, new places and sharing new experiences with brides and grooms. When he started photography, he didn’t start because it was a job; it was simply a hobby that he loved.  He decided to go to school for it to learn proper technique and while he was still in school he started assisting a very talented wedding photographer in New York. Soon after, he was shooting as an associate photographer and a few months later he was lead shooting.