Real Couples // Portuguese Village Wedding: Rex + Evelyn

Rex's love for food and Evelyn's love for beautiful design made this wedding one of the best we've ever been to. Getting ready together, the stress free vibe, the simple and honest food — family style — and the happiness in their eyes said it all. Having no connection no Portugal whatsoever Evelyn and Rex chose a unique venue, all the way from the USA to a humble village in Portugal, before they chose anything else for their wedding. Rex's father proudly celebrated the ceremony and even we got emotional when they started pronouncing their vows, as a couple, to their families, promising them they would stick together no matter what life would throw at them. A truly heartfelt party, blessed by the rain — which they didn't care about — made with love.

Photos and words courtesy of Fotografamos; styling by Como Branco; wedding videography by Happy Together 



"Former engineer abandons job to pursue a life long dream of becoming a photographer and starts a photography studio with his wife" would be the headline of the newspaper if they ever made newspapers with good news. Marina & Pedro of Fotografamos are a husband and wife team, passionate about taking pictures of people in love and telling stories from within.