Real Couples // Unwedding Photos: Chris + Maegan

Chris and Maegan have been together since early college. Chris is an engineer, and Maegan is co-founder of oVertone, a totally badass hair product line for fantasy hair color. They're atheist non conformist intersectional feminists, have two rescue boxers, and love to hike, travel, Netflix binge, and eat as many delicious things as fiscally possible.

When they got married they went down to a courthouse quick, intending to plan a wedding later, but every time they tried they realized they hated weddings. Instead, they invited photographer Liora K to spend a fun afternoon with them for an "Un-Wedding" shoot!

Images courtesy of photographer Liora K

Lori K Photography Tucson Arizona


Liora K is part photographer, part conditioner merchant. She spends most of her time fighting the patriarchy and thinking about color and light. Noteable projects include expose, attractive and fat, and the feminist photos.