Brittani + Christine's Music Festival-Inspired Wedding in Maryland

Brittani and Christine are the definition of opposites attract. Brittani is more on the carefree side while Christine was previously in the military, and the two met while she was at West Point. While this wedding was a long time coming as the couple had to work past many barriers to get to this point, the union is one of the most natural things I've ever seen. They have pushed on through judgement and stereotypes and also worked through separation when Christine was deployed. When Brittani came charging down the aisle with tears flowing down her face, Christine was there with the most confident smile as her eyes said "we did it, babe." The entire crowd was in tears as the two said their vows, and when the officiant asked if they would take care of each other, Christine quickly answered "I already do." Christine's father, who took some time to get comfortable with the idea of Christine and Brittani at first, made an impassioned speech of support for the new couple, and Brittani's dad surprised her with a mix of songs for their father/daughter dance. The wedding was set in a music-festival inspired setting, and as with any festival the night came to a close with Skrillex, head-banging, and lots of champagne flowing.

Words and photos by Allison Zaucha

alison zaucha

Allison Zaucha is a documentary photographer based out of Annapolis, Maryland and working worldwide. She grew up with her mom in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Often Allison and her mother were referred to as the Gilmore Girls which further fostered a sense of adventure and curiosity at a young age. Ever since she can remember she has been creating and has been fascinated with anything art related. When she was in 5th grade, Allison picked up her grandfather's Konica camera and began styling friends for mock photo shoots. From that moment on Allison has pretty much always had a camera by her side at all times.