Out of the Box Challenge // Featured Team: Not All the Things

Our story follows a RVA couple that have been together for several years, have a great house, have a sweet pup and have finally decided to get married.  She bought a wedding dress, they started the planning, picked out stationary and did all the things that a normal engaged couple would do.  Until one Sunday morning they woke up and thought, “Fuck it.  Let’s just go and get married.”  They ate breakfast, got dressed, took their dog on a walk, got married and went back home to eat cake and Netflix & chill.  Maybe not the most glamorous of wedding days with dreamy sunsets and gold rimmed place settings but the two most important parties showed up for one another and isn’t that all we really hope for on a wedding day.

Photos by Chris Bavaria, words by Marita Cardenas of Slingin' Pretty. You can see a full list of vendors at the bottom!

Featured Vendors

Bridal Dress (hanging) | Celia Grace
Wood Bow Tie (featured on Kola the dog | Wood Thumb
Photography | Chris Bavaria | @chrisbavaria
Stylists | Marita Cardenas and Brandon Kirk of Slingin' Pretty | @slinginpretty
Models | Javan Ware | @naisty, Lauren Berkeley | @jezebeling, Kola the dog