Real Couples // A Maine Wedding on the Water: Amanda + Adrianna

Amanda spends her days trying to change the world as a public education administrator, and Adrianna spends her days trying to change the world managing a public health program, both in Boston. We both love good food, our two labradors Bailey and Brady, and rival sports teams.

In thinking about what we wanted out of our wedding (and over-thinking it for weeks on end) we agreed there were three things we simply couldn’t live without in this celebration: great food, a killer location, and stunning photographs. What we got out of our wedding was so much more than these three things. In thinking about what was important to us, we were able to drop what wasn’t and created a celebration that showed the 70 family and close friends in attendance exactly who we are as a couple, and how much our hearts burst with love for one another. The very friend who facilitated our meeting at a bar officiated our wedding, and told the story of our love. She incorporated tidbits that she had secretly solicited from each of us, and it was incredibly powerful to hear the things that we’d written about each other for the first time along with our friends and family. Amanda’s dad passed away about two years ago, and she was scared that it would feel like there was a hole where something huge was missing during the celebrations. Instead, the love and joy that radiated from every single person who was there filled our hearts even more. Throughout our planning, we tried to balance all of the things we wanted this wedding to be without losing each other in the process. In the end, the result was so beautifully us.

Photos by Alice + Chris, words by Amanda.

alice and chris of alice + chris wedding photography


Alice + Chris are a wife and husband team whose love for photography brought them together. They met while both were working in New York City: Alice, a London native, was managing the studio for a world famous photographer while Chris, from Maine, was producing photo shoots and taking portraits of Hollywood celebrities. Their shared interest sparked a romance, and they've been together ever since.  Alice + Chris split their time between New York City and Portland, Maine, and happily travel along the East Coast or around the world for their clients.