Real Couples // A Mountain Engagement: Jay + Colin

In my time with these two, it was immediately clear they were operating so outside of the expectations of the wedding world. A lot of life still has to happen before they begin to plan the wedding (medical school, jobs, etc.), and during this shoot they were solely focused on enjoying the time they had together rather than stress about a self-imposed wedding deadline. They had a ton of fun showing me up and down the trails, and it was like hanging out with old friends while taking some photos.

Photos and Words by Andrew Franciosa


Andrew Franciosa is a physics student and computer nerd that somehow became a photographer. The technical side got him interested in learning about manipulating photos and using software, which eventually led him taking them. He finds it unbelievable that he can use a little magic box to take a photo that lets people relive certain moments and times of their lives and that people want him there to do that for them.