Real Couples // A Story of Fate and Love: Eric + Ramond

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Ramond: "I walked in to the restaurant I was working at by Lincoln Center all manic because I thought I was late. Turns out I wasn't even suppose to work that day, but they asked me to stay because they had a huge party that day."

Eric: "And I worked for a different restaurant in the company, but they had asked me to work there that day because of the party."

So there we were in a pre-shift meeting, neither of us were supposed to be there, but both of us there staring at each other and smiling a lot. We flirted for the entire shift, and went on our first date that night. Jurassic World ;-) We now live together and we couldn't be happier!

Photos by Anna Chana Demidova of March 13 Photography, Words by Eric and Ramond


Anna Chana Demidova photographs love stories in New York and California. It's possible that she was born old. She looks young, spends time in Williamsburg and on Etsy, wears minimalist clothes but then somehow ends up being the youngest-looking person in the orchestra audience and brings home more books by and about Nietzsche than she has time to read. Her photography page, March 13 Photography, was named after her sister's birthday who doubles as her occasional photo editor.