Real Couples // Romantic With a Cup of Geek: Kelli + Jared

Kelli met Jared online and found him witty and charming. She couldn't wait to meet him in person. After a couple of awkward moments (like only first dates can deliver) they found out they are passionate about books, coffee, video games and everything geek. Jared was so excited at the end of the date that he couldn't wait. He called her the same day. 

From the beginning, they knew they wanted this day to be about them celebrating with family and friends. They chose to have their wedding at the Ambient+Studio in Atlanta, a warehouse converted into an amazing photo studio. The décor had a little of everything. A sign with their names written in Tolkien font received their guests. Evergreen branches topped the vases at the tables, in which little toy dinosaurs lurked. Postcards from all over were their guest book, and small bags with coffee were their party favors. They opted for a first look with family formals right after which gave them time to enjoy with all the guests at reception time. Between the sweetness of their vows and the laughs — thanks to their good friend, co-best man and officiant — there were no dry eyes in the room. They decided that a cake and traditional wedding buffet was not for them. Instead they went for a breakfast for dinner buffet, including chicken waffles, and a dessert buffet. The garter and bouquet toss were replaced by line dancing and a special performance by Kelli and her bellydancing friends. At the end, the day turned into a big party, where they danced the night away...surrounded by their love ones, just what they wanted!

Photos and Words by Sharma Shari


I'm Sharma Shari, a geek photographer and owner of Sharma Shari Photography who thinks her Hogwarts admission letter got lost in the mail. I walked away from the cubicle life as an computer engineer and became a photographer instead. I love coffee (not Starbucks), books, and video games. I collect old cameras and still love to shoot film and Polaroids. DIY projects are a great therapy and Pinterest is an addiction. I enjoy watching anything about Middle Earth, zombies, wizards, space or time traveling. I believe in love, that you can marry your best friend, and that you can have a true family even if you are not blood related!