Real Couples // River Romance: Felisity + Laine

When Felisity saw Laine for the very first time, the word "home" immediately came to mind. There was something that felt familiar about this vivacious actress with the killer smile and fun-loving spirit. And for Laine, Felisity's sense of adventure and affectionate personality inspired her to chase new experiences. During hiking trips and romantic in-home dates, Laine and Felisity fell in love without thinking twice. The way that they look at one another says everything about their relationship. Their engagement session on Missouri's Eleven Point River was the perfect fit for their personalities and created some of the most emotional images I have ever shot. 

Photos by Prairie to Pacific

 COuple wraPPed in blanket beside river
 Couple standing on rocks near stream
 couple sitting in front of large water wheel
 Couple kissing while standing on water wheel
 couple embracing on water wheel in river
 couple smiling at each other
 couple kissing on wheel
 couple smiling at camera on wheel
 couple laughing in the woods
 couple leaning against tree
 couple smiling at the riverside
 woman kissing fiancée's forehead
 couple leaning against tree laughing
 couple kissing in woods
 couple standing on rocks next to stream
 couple smiling beside stream
 couple smiling and hugging
 couple standing in river kissing
 couple standing in river laughing
 couple embracing in river laughing
 couple hugging next to river
 couple smiling at each other next to river
 couple gazing at each other next to river
 couple smiling at each other on rocky river shore
 couple cuddling in front of fallen trees
 couple wrapped in blanket beside river
 couple wrapped in blanket laughing
 couple holding hands next to river
 couple embracing next to river
 couple holding hands showing engagement rings
 couple kissing next to river
 couple sitting in front of fallen trees

 Paulette of flyover photography


Paulette is the owner of Prairie to Pacific, formerly Flyover Photography. She loves being a wedding photographer because it gets to the heart of the human experience. Emotion and the chaotic beauty of life are in abundance on a wedding day. Most of my couples are a little quirky and creative and want to be involved in the photography process. She feels that photography is her calling in life as an outgoing introvert who enjoys people and the fine art of observation.