Real Couples in Video // 18 Years in the Making: Markus + Carl

Words and video by Josh Gooden

When I first spoke with Carl late last year to learn about his marriage to Markus, I knew I was in for a good story. Markus and Carl have been together for 18 years and engaged for 15 of those years. Their love for one another is an absolutely incredible thing to witness in person, and it was hard for us to hold back the tears as they gave their vows to one another.

Markus and Carl’s ceremony and reception took place at one of their favorite museums, The Penn Museum, in Philadelphia. The museum is absolutely fascinating and houses one of the largest collections of Egyptian artifacts in the United States. So it was very fitting and awesome for Markus and Carl’s ceremony to take place in front of an Egyptian sphinx. Even the ceremony music matched the setting perfectly. The reception was held amidst incredible artifacts from China and a flawless sphere that was centered in the room. Markus spent months finding vintage outfits that went with the ancient theme for a photo booth and was able to restore his grandmother’s trunk to fit props.

In addition to the amazing location, Markus and Carl invited some incredibly talented friends and family. We heard speeches from several close friends who had been there when they met 18 years ago and heard a few amazing voices perform during the reception. It is hard to describe, but the joy and love could truly be felt for Markus and Carl from those who attended.

We are so happy to have witnessed this wonderful celebration and are excited to share the film with you all.


Josh Gooden has a love for traveling, good stories, cappuccinos, and aviation. After an early start in interactive media within the jewelry industry, Josh discovered that his passion was creating content – specifically documentary style brand films. In 2009, he applied the same techniques he learned to weddings.