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Aide-memoire Jewelry

Aide-mémoire Jewelry is the company of your dreams. It's truly eco-conscious. down-to-earth, and woman-run. Looking for wedding bands? Say no more. If you're in Seattle, head over to their space for a consultation. If you're not local, schedule a Skype date.

Aide-mémoire Jewelry has recently moved studio locations, and they are delighted to present their new work studio and parlor in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle.

Aide-mémoire Jewelry has recently moved studio locations, and they are delighted to present their new work studio and parlor in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. 

The parlor is now open to clients who are interested in a unique and charming experience while shopping for the perfect piece of sustainable, eco-friendly jewelry. Book a free half-hour consultation appointment here or at http://www.bookeo.com/aidememoire

The quiet space is perfect to sit and view samples, discuss options, and work on finding the perfect piece for you — whether it be a wedding band, an engagement ring or the perfect stone. The parlor space has a timeless feel, filled with interesting antiques and vintage decor, plus a window where you can peek into the workshop! A nod to Seattle, a simple red "A" from the old Paramount Theater marquee hangs on a robin's egg blue wall.

Not local? No problem. You can book a Skype session to discuss options at http://www.bookeo.com/aidememoire.

Read more about this awesome company below!

What is the mission of Aide-mémoire Jewelry? 

Aide-mémoire Jewelry creates bespoke wedding bands and engagement rings, made in the US. Aide-mémoire is dedicated to marriage equality and an eco-conscious studio practice. We use 100% recycled precious metals, ethical fair-trade, recycled and lab-grown diamonds and gemstones in a low-impact studio environment.

When we say ethical and eco-friendly we really mean it. We are committed to ethical and environmentally-friendly sourced materials to the point that it limits some of what we are able to offer. But it is very important to us that there is integrity behind everything we do. The term conflict-free diamond is thrown around a lot in the jewelry industry, but in truth most jewelers have no idea where these diamonds are coming from and if they are truly ethical. We spend a lot of time researching our materials and suppliers to ensure that they are in-line with our values.

Photos by B. Jones Photography

What is Aide-mémoire Jewelry's origin story? 

Aide-mémoire Jewelry was started in 2012 by Aran Galligan. As the founder of Aide-mémoire Jewelry, Aran is inspired both by principals of modern design – functionality, truth to materials, and beauty through simplicity – as well as an aesthetic value of the Japanese, called Wabi-sabi, where beauty often lies in the imperfect mark of the hand. This aesthetic celebrates the beauty in the slight imperfections of nature. It accepts the process of growth and decay, valuing modesty, simplicity, humbleness and integrity of purpose.

What is one of your favorite projects you've ever worked on?

Oh there are so many, but if I had to pick one, probably this ring set. They chose the three-stone ring and the flat band, but went with Australian C3/C4 champagne diamonds set in rose gold. The flush set stones on the flat band are aligned like the constellation Orion’s Belt. Also, I just really love that stone metal combo. 

How are you a wedding space disrupter?

Maybe this is a bit lofty, but I feel that I am making a difference through my business. I have been able to create a business that is in line with my values. I make future heirlooms without sacrificing the environment to do it. I provide an enjoyable place to work for my employees. I provide a space where people feel like they belong when they might not feel like they fit in with the rest of the typical wedding industry -- where there isn’t an expectation or pressure that their wedding/engagement rings should look or be a certain way. I get to provide an alternative to the big jewelry stores. And I get to set limits. When something is not in line with my values, I don’t do it.  

What three ingredients are necessary for a great day at Aide-mémoire Jewelry? 

We drink a lot of tea at Aide-mémoire Jewelry, so that is ingredient #1. Then there's the Seattle non-profit radio station KEXP, and preferably Troy Nelson is DJing. If you haven’t listened to KEXP, I highly recommend it. You can stream it online. #3 would be chocolate. We go through a lot of chocolate. My current favorite is dark chocolate with cacao nibs. 

Photo by Dorothy Huynh

What are some traits of your ideal clients and customers?

We love low-key customers that aren’t hung up on what they’ve been told a wedding or marriage should look like. That understand that it’s their wedding and they get to make it how they want.

Aide-Mémoire wedding rings Seattle
Aide-Mémoire wedding rings Seattle
Aide-Mémoire wedding rings Seattle
Aide-Mémoire wedding rings Seattle four wedding rings overlapping

Head over to Aide-mémoire Jewelry to see more options. Still have questions? Check out this handy help guide for anyone scouting out rings.

Aran Galligan

Aran received a BFA in Craft/Material Studies with a focus in jewelry from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2000 and her MFA in Metal from SUNY New Paltz in 2012. Previous to her MFA she completed a two-year fellowship at Penland School of Crafts, Penland, N.C. and has taught jewelry at SUNY New Paltz, North Seattle Community College, Penland School of Crafts, and Danaca Design in Seattle.