The Perfect Wedding Pants for Your Astrological Sign

We've seen articles about which wedding dress you should pick based on your astrological sign, but what if you are not interested in wearing a dress on your wedding day? What if, instead, a pant suit or jumpsuit is more up your alley? Look no further, we have the guide for you!


House of Ollichon Laird Jumpsuit

House of Ollichon Laird Jumpsuit


Available in UK Sizes 6-16

You're a leader and you're always ready for action, so of course you want to look boss in this handmade House of Ollichon jumpsuit. 


ASOS CURVE Bardot Jumpsuit With Crop Wide Leg


Available in US Sizes 12-24

You're a little bit predictable, but you're also flexible AF. So why wouldn't you choose to get married in an outfit that makes you look awesome, but that you can repurpose any day of the week?


Convertible Wide Leg Jersey Jumpsuit in Blush


Available in US Sizes 0-24

You're constantly changing your mind, and that's why this convertible jumpsuit is perfect for you. You can convert it into a number of different styles so you can even change your mind from the ceremony to the reception. 


ASOS BRIDAL Jacquard Blazer & Pants

$121.00 (Blazer) & $83.00 (Pants)

Available in US Sizes 0-10

You're a problem solver and always ready to give great advice to your friends, so a two-piece suit is the natural answer for you. You want to be able to react to whatever is happening during your big day. Getting too hot on the dance floor? Throw that jacket to the wind.


ELOQUII Sweetheart Neckline Jumpsuit with Skirt


Available in US Sizes 14-28

You are loving, and you like to give back to those around you, but you are also fierce and strong. Demonstrate that balance with this sweetheart neckline and flowing skirt, but demonstrate your strength and versatility with hidden pants.



House of Ollichon Bouilly Jumpsuit


Available in UK Sizes 6-16

You like simplicity, strength, and independence, so this modern and sleek jumpsuit is all you really need. It's even got a cape that mimics a traditional train, but it's not crazy, and you don't need anyone else to help you move around in it. WINNING.


River Island Plus Floral Print Culotte Jumpsuit


Available in US Sizes 14-24

Let's face it: you love to have fun! So why would you settle for a plain white wedding outfit? Insert some color and pattern into your day with this floral print culotte jumpsuit!


Cupcakes and Cashmere Goddess Jumpsuit


Available in US Sizes 2-4

You're a truth seeker and aren't looking for a lot of frivolous detail. This goddess jumpsuit is all you really need.


RACHEL ANTONOFF Stacy Plunge Jumpsuit


Available in US Sizes 2-12

You're constantly on the move and can't stay still, and let's face it: your wedding day won't be any different. So enjoy comfort with these flowing pants, and make a huge statement with this gold shimmer.


ASTR Janae Jumpsuit


Available in US Sizes 0-12

You love to plan, rehearse, and execute. So why would you risk tripping on long pants or a train? This Janae jumpsuit is simple and fool-proof.


ASOS CURVE Jumpsuit in Scuba with Cape Detail


Available in US Sizes 14-24

You're a visionary and a rebel, so of course your wedding outfit is red! You want to stand out in the crowd as the leader of the pack, not a follower. White dresses are so not for you.


House of Ollichon Drakeford Culotte and Crop Top

$840.00 (Culotte) & $400.00 (Top)

Available in UK Sizes 6-16

You're a romantic and a bit sensitive, and you LOVE lace. So enjoy the classic silhouette of a dress with the practicality of pants. It's the best of both worlds and still super gorgeous.

Jen Siomacco

Jen is the Creative Director of Catalyst Wedding Co., a Pisces, and really wishes she knew about those culottes before she got married.