Real Couples // Engagement at the Griffith Observatory in L.A.: Nancy + Will

We met at a BBQ thrown by a roller derby teammate. He happened along because my teammate was Will's roommate's sister. The rest is history. During that history we dated for three months then went long distance for a year and a half. Will moved from Boston to Austin then LA in that time until he finally convinced me to join him. After a year of living together he popped the question. 

We got engaged over Christmas vacation while visiting home (Massachusetts). We were headed to have dinner with his dad when he decided to take me on a little driving tour of his hometown. Little did I know that he was just gathering up courage to pop the question. We park at a quaint little pond and take a walk to the gazebo and that is where he asked. We drive by it every time we go to his Dad's house.

Words by bride-to be Nancy, as told to Amber Marlow. Photos by Natalja Kent from Two Moon Photography

 Bride wearing yellow and green, smiling at her future husband.
 Interracial couple smiling during their engagement photos
 couple posed with the Griffith Observatory in the background
 interracial couple in the sunset.
 future bride and groom with palm trees behind them. 
 Griffith Observatory engagement photos
 couple looking out over Los Angeles
 couple making silly faces
 couple with future bride in the foreground. 
 engagement photo of the couple slow dancing at the Griffith Observatory
 sillhouette of the couple at sunset.

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Natalja from Two Moon Photography builds inclusive, documentary-style, heirloom, love photography portfolios. Based in Los Angeles, California, she has been working as a professional photographer for over 20 years. With clients such as Harvard, Tom Tom Magazine, and GQ, she brings a grounded and experienced presence to all her shoots. She is a first generation American and revels in celebrating the diversity of this culturally rich world.