Real Couples // Engagement Photos in NYC: Jálynn + Tiffany

"Tiffany and I met for the first time on a January evening in New York City. It was my birthday, and I was celebrating with friends. Tiffany had been invited to the same bar by a mutual acquaintance. Tiffany recalls she was amazed by how quickly we connected, despite just meeting that night. I was taken with Tiffany’s quiet confidence, charming intellect, and sweet smile.

After discovering Tiffany and I had both attended boarding school in the Northeast, had the same major in college, and were both passionate about careers in public service, I was smitten. We closed down the bar that night, and after hanging out a few more times, we finally went out on a proper date."

From the photographer: These are two awesome women who are both working to make the world a better place in their everyday lives. Tiffany works in law and Jálynn works in a nonprofit in the education sector. This is an excerpt from their original email inquiring with me: "As two queer women of color, we’re committed to having an open and affirming wedding that feels authentic to who we are as a couple and our community of friends and chosen family who will be in attendance."

Story by Jálynn, one of the brides, and De Nueva Photography, as told to Amber Marlow.
Photos by De Nueva Photography.

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