Real Couples // Mountain Backdrop Elopement at Sapphire Point, CO: Amber + Katie

I (Katie) was born and raised in the small town of Stephenville, Texas. I was a part of a close family, which was the center of my world (until I met Amber and we had our son). I grew up enjoying all that the country life brings: camping, fishing, and hunting. Even though I am rough in nature, I really have the sweetest soul and purest heart that can come out of Texas. I attended Tarleton State University, where I earned my Bachelor's in Kinesiology and am now getting a Master's in Mental Health Counseling.

I (Amber) was born in Mesquite, Texas. I was brought up in Lancaster by my mother, who I adore with all of my heart. I love to be around those who I love and care about, and tend to be protective of them. Through my very, very, very tough exterior, there really is a caring and compassionate person. I also attended Tarleton State University, where I earned a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Kinesiology. My favorite thing about life so far is being a mother and having a wife who lifts me up through all my faults.

After spring break one semester, I (Amber) came home to my dorm room to find my new roommate and her friends sitting and hanging out. Among those friends was Katie. After some time getting acquainted not only with my new roomie, but her friends also, we decided to go get something to eat. While eating, my roommate asked me for my number so that she could have it. When I tried giving it to her, for some reason she was busy with her phone, so Katie said she would take it down for her. Little did I know she was taking it down for herself, too! After dinner, we went back to our dorm to hang out, where Katie and I both realized we were NOT single. I had a boyfriend/fiancé, and she had a girlfriend in Alabama.

When she left that night, she immediately texted me and asked if I'd go to lunch with her the next day, and I did. After weeks of hanging out and my relationship ending, I became emotionally attached to Katie. We had been inseparable since the first day we met, and there was obvious attraction between us. Things wound up not working out with Katie and her girlfriend, which brought us closer. After two months of talking, we made it official and seven months later we moved into our first place together, where we learned about each other and fell deeper in love.

We had three or four proposals between us. First Katie proposed at our home, in our backyard with some friends around. She handed me a box that had "Will you marry me?" written on it. It was simple and sweet, like us. A month later I decided I would ask her, at the same place in our backyard. I made her think that our friend's parents wanted to use it for their anniversary party, so she helped decorate for her own proposal!

About three years later, still not married and a two-year-old son later, I decided it was about time we finally did it. Laying in bed one night I told her, "We're getting married this year in Colorado."

The next day we set a date and found our wedding planner. That same weekend we went to buy our rings (my forever ring). I told her in the jewelry store that I would not wear that expensive ring until she got down on one knee and asked me. Later that night we were officially engaged, for real this time!

Katie's band is a sterling silver band with black diamonds. My ring is 14 karat white gold with a .75 carat diamond in the center band. It is placed in an enhancement band that is also 14 karat white gold with .7 karats of diamonds.

Our wedding location was always a compromise: I got a wedding, and we would have it were Katie most loved. She had always spoke about how beautiful it is in Colorado, and I have always wanted to visit, so that's where we eloped. Our wedding planner and officiant helped with choosing our venue. They listened to us and and our interests and suggested Sapphire Point. It was an absolutely beautiful location.

Since we had an elopement, we didn't have many vendors, just our wedding planner and her associates, our officiant, and our photographer. They all did such an amazing job, we felt as if we had a full wedding.

Katie wore a white button down collared shirt that was embezzled with a mint bow tie, a gray vest, blue jeans, and her cowboy boots. I wore a jeweled sweetheart ball gown with a tiara and veil in my hair as well as my cowboy boots. On the morning of our wedding, I gifted Katie a bracelet that she wore. It was inscribed with a phrase we say whenever things get tough: "Forever isn't long enough."

Our officiant was our wedding planner's husband. We decided to have a hand-fasting ceremony, where we had our hands tied by thirteen handmade (by me) ropes. Each rope represented a different element of the foundation of our relationship. Our son's hands were also tied to ours. There is nothing that I would have changed about our ceremony; it was all meaningful.

Words by Amber, one of the brides, as told to Amber Marlow.
Photos by Meredith Harris Photographers, LLC

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Mountain elopement first look
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Mountain elopement first look
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mountain elopement ceremony
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