Black BeauTEA Talk // Shopfe-line + Black Woman-Owned Business

Model:  Deja , Photos:  Shopfe-line

Model: Deja, Photos: Shopfe-line

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Hey beauties, it seems like this has been a long-ass month, or am I tripping? Either way I have been waiting to come chat again; did ya miss me? I’m sipping some Teavana tea; it’s a winterberry blend, and it is amazing!! Seriously you all have to google it and order some and then let me know how you love it?! It is a loose tea and has like grapefruit and strawberry flavors; it tastes so good so if you’re into tea, then grab some! Onto the tea you’re all here for. This month I am doing another interview and actually trying something new! I want to add some “spotlight articles” where I will interview a business owned by a black woman that caters to black women. So this month I am putting the spotlight on my girl Felicia. She is the owner of Shopfe-line, a brand that if you follow me you are very familiar with, as I do makeup for her product shoots! So let’s see how the interview went with this bossbabe, shall we?!

Felicia of Shopfe-line

Brittney: Can you tell me a little about your background and how it led to you being in this business?

Felicia: In 2013, I had an Etsy shop where I sold my handmade jewelry and accessories. I always wore headwraps and would always get stopped by women asking me, “Can you show me how you tie your headwrap?” I would take my headwrap off and show them how I styled my headwrap. I had the idea to sell them, so I searched Etsy, and no one was selling them. I purchased some fabric and hand-made some pre-sewn wraps for the women who had difficulty tying them. I would receive so many request for me to sew them in these elaborate styles, but I couldn’t continue hand sewing them because my fingers were so sore. I decided to launch my own website in 2015 and just sell the headwraps.

Brittney: That’s amazing, you saw a demand for something you already enjoyed. I’ve always wondered about the name of your brand. Tell us about how Shopfe-Line came to be the name of your shop.

Felicia: I’ve always been a creative and loved anything beauty and fashion. My mother had a dream when I was in high school that I had my own fashion line called Fe-Line, which meant Fe’s Line (My name is Felicia). She told me to remember that name, and even though I never had a fashion line, I always knew I would use that name.

Shopfe-line Headwraps on Black BeauTEA Talk
Shopfe-line Headwraps on Black BeauTEA Talk

Brittney: Wow, that is so amazing that it was a part of your mother's dream. I so dig that!  So you’ve been doing this for a good amount of time now. What are your feelings about headwraps now being the trendy thing and so many shops emerging?

Felicia: I love seeing so many women wearing headwraps, and I think it’s great that there are so many shops emerging.

Brittney: Awesome, awesome! What are your tips for wearing headwraps?

Felicia: A tip I would give for wearing a headwrap is wear it with confidence. The bolder, the brighter, the higher, the better.

Brittney: Yasss, I'm so here for that tip. I love how every shoot you stage for your brand is so bold and just dripping in Black girl magic! If you weren’t designing headwraps, what line of work would you be in?!

Felicia: I’m an all-around creative, and I am great at many things. I have so many things that I want to create, but I have a really good idea for something I want to try and put together in 2018.

Shopfe-line Headwraps on Black BeauTEA Talk
Shopfe-line Headwraps on Black BeauTEA Talk

Brittney: That sounds exciting, and I so can’t wait to see your project come to life.   What has been your favorite moment thus far since opening Shopfe-line?

Felicia: My favorite moments are when I get a message or email from women telling me they loved their purchase. Whenever I create something, there is always that doubt that no one is going to like it, but when I get those affirming messages it makes me want to keep going.

Brittney: What has been the biggest challenge?

Felicia: My biggest challenge is being a one woman army. I work full-time, I am a mother, and every item in my shop is sewn and handmade by me. I try to sew and prepare packages in the morning, get my kids off to school, go to work, come home to cook, help with homework, and sew some more. It is a challenge, but I’m getting better with juggling everything.

Brittney: You really are amazing with all that you are able to accomplish!! One more question and my favorite one: If there is a message for black women with a dream and a passion, what is that message?

Felicia: I posted a video clip of Ava DuVernay on my Instagram last week where she is speaking on the idea of work without permission and just start. I think that is so true. Don’t wait for anyone to give you anything or discourage you. Start no matter what your dream or passion is, even if you are just start making it happen. Slow progress is still progress. Be consistent, and you’ll eventually get to where you should be.

Shopfe-line Headwraps on Black BeauTEA Talk
Shopfe-line Headwraps on Black BeauTEA Talk

So I just want to thank Felicia again for being so amazing and giving us all a glimpse into her genius. I really need all of my beauties to comment this month and let me know what black-owned beauty brands I should be looking out for!! Don’t forget to check out Felicia on all of her social media handles and get you some headwraps and accessories. Let’s remember to love on each other, black women, as we are a reflection of each other in so many ways, and like Rupaul told us… “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gon love somebody else?” and that’s TEA!

~Peace & Light~



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