5 Reasons You Need a Wedding Photo Album from QtAlbums

In case you couldn’t tell from our print volumes, we LOVE seeing beautiful photos of couples in love in print, and we are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with European photo album printing company QtAlbums to help ensure that couples have a gorgeous printed wedding photo album and prints that they can cherish for decades to come.

QtAlbums delivers quality and variety like you won’t see anywhere else. If you are a collector or have a flare for stunning objects, their Fine Art Albums are truly works of art in their own right, and meant to last a lifetime. Each album is bound by hand on archival paper, creating a museum-grade product, so your photos will never fade as time goes on. They even throw in a pair of cotton gloves and care instructions if you want to make sure they stay in pristine condition. Their Fine Art Prints can be produced on a variety of paper weights and textures so that you can create a print that fits perfectly into your home. Their custom USB drives and handmade linen or wooden presentation boxes mean that photographers can also deliver a digital version that is just as beautiful as the printed album itself.

If you’re still not convinced, consider these five reasons you need a wedding photo album from QtAlbums:

1. Your Grandparents Don’t Want to Look Through a Digital Gallery

Let’s face it, some people aren’t tech savvy enough to understand how to access a digital gallery. Your Gran doesn’t have an email account and she will want to be able to see all of the photos from your wedding, so why try to explain to her how to use the internet when you could just give her a gorgeous album that she can flip through any time she wants. 

Wedding albums also make wonderful gifts for hard to shop for family members! And their Matted Signature Prints make it even easier to frame prints and gift them. Their affordable Duo Books come in sets of twos, make them ideal for parent and grandparent gifts.

2. Digital Wedding Galleries Are Not Forever.

I hope everyone reading this has downloaded their photos from whatever photo gallery service they are using, because no digital wedding gallery platform is forever. I live in constant fear of technology giants like Dropbox going out of business and losing my files. I can’t even imagine how horrible it would be to lose my wedding photos because a smaller company went under. If your digital wedding gallery platform goes bankrupt and shuts down operations, you will be so relieved to have a physical copy of your wedding photos to turn to.

3. Hard Drives Crash. Printed Wedding Albums Don’t.

We’ve all had it happen — that horrifying moment when your computer or phone crashes and you don’t have a backup and you’re left wondering if your whole life is coming to an end. Even if you have backups for your backups, having a printed copy of your wedding photos ensures that you never have to worry about losing your only copy of your wedding photos.

4. Seeing Your Wedding Photos Helps Couples Remember Their Commitment to One Another.

Out of sight, out of mind. It’s a saying we all know well, and it’s common for a reason. Couples who have prints of their wedding photos around their home get a daily reminder of their vows and commitment to one another. This can be a huge help to maintaining a healthy relationship when the daily grind of work and life sets in.

5. The Future of the Internet and Technology is COMPLETELY Unknown.

FCC has voted to roll back Net Neutrality in the United States, and the Internet as we know it might come to an end. Why rely on the Internet and unknown future technologies to be the keepers of your most important memories? Having a printed wedding album means knowing that in 50 years, you will still be able to flip through it with your grandchildren and tell the tales of how old Uncle Frank got way too drunk and made that really embarrassing toast before falling down on the dance floor. Those are memories you never want to lose.

So save yourself the headache and ask your photographer about how you can get a custom QtAlbums wedding album added to your wedding package, or sign up and order your own today. And be sure to mention that you found them through Catalyst!