Real Couples // A Dinosaur Love Story: Colleen + Alex

The couple was absolutely adorable, they both share a love of dinosaurs hence the golden dinosaurs as part of their decor and the "Lovely Dinosaur" narrative performed by Colleen's sister during the Ceremony. Also, Alex proposed to Colleen in front of the Spinosaurus skeleton at the National Geographic museum in Washington DC. Their wedding date was actually on their seven year anniversary. They really added some very unique personal touches to their wedding day like the birch program scrolls which were made by Alex's mom in honor of his Russian and her Native American heritage. They also included a sage smudging ceremony and instead of the traditional unity candle lighting the couple opted to create a "Unity Cocktail" an Manhattan to be exact! This was just an overall fun wedding to shoot at the Green Point Loft. 

Words and Video by Nikki Miller of Mae B. Films

Nikki Miller of Mae B Films

I'm Nikki Miller, I use my background as a documentary filmmaker to cut through the obvious "wedding moments" that many videographers focus on and actually pinpoint the heart of what truly sets your wedding story apart. I create wedding stories focused on YOU and how you uniquely shine on your wedding day.


I've been told that I'm pretty ambitious, which is why I'm committed to discovering what's important and interesting about your story.  I do this by utilizing the weeks and months leading up to your wedding day. I want to build a relationship with you. It's the perfect time to actually get to know YOU! Our casual one-on-one times together, occasional text message "check-ins" and Skype chats help me understand who you are and what excites you. I not only learn about each amazingly unique personal touches that you've worked so hard to incorporate into your wedding day but WHY these elements are so important to you. This is the reason why a "Mae B. Films" wedding video can stand on it's own. I go into your wedding day with a clear game-plan and understanding of who you are and what your wedding video should represent. I loathe cookie-cutter videos just as much as you do, trust me!  I work hard to quash your fear of redundancy when it comes to hiring both a photographer and videographer.  The result is a wedding film that you are excited to share with your friends and loved ones. A wedding film that you will want to watch for many years to come, and the security in knowing that your investment in a wedding film is money well spent.