The Avowed Podcast // Episode 08: Here, There, and Everywhere

 The Avowed Podcast: Here, There, and Everywhere

Jasmine is joined by Katie Stoltz, owner and creator of Venues & Vows, an online marketplace that connects people with a curated collection of privately owned homes, estates, farms, and ranches for their wedding or event. Together they tackle painfully awkward wedding day traditions, being a bridesmaid, invasive questioning from well meaning wedding guests, and why a wedding weekend will always outshine a wedding day.

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 Jasmine Lilly


Utilizing a celebratory and investigative approach, Jasmine Lilly explores wedding tradition origins, societal expectations, and boundary pushing concepts in through inclusive conversations with wedding industry rebels, real couples, and bad-ass people with something to say about love. Lilly leaves no stone unturned in her pursuit of innovation and understanding.