Real Couples // Remote Forest Mansion Wedding: Chris + Brian

The drive out to the wedding was three hours from anything (including cell service). It was hours of fields, forests, and highways, and I finally started seeing peeks of water in between trees before pulling up to Great Oak Manor in Chestertown, Maryland. The mansion was Brian and Chris's for the weekend. Family and friends came in from everywhere to be a part of the celebration that happened in a giant lawn that opened up to a giant panoramic view of the water.

They were married on the coast, celebrated under a tent filled with everyone they loved, and only escaped for a moment to hold hands and walk on the sandy beach. Two men in love, married by the water, dancing through the night. 

Photos by Nessa K

Great Oak Manor wedding venue parlour
Great Oak Manor bicycles lined up
Groom hugging guests
Grooms getting ready together
Nessa K Photography Great Oak Manor Same Sex Wedding
Grooms getting ready together and sipping bourbon
stylish summer groom style
summer groom style
two grooms at their wedding heading downstairs to greet guests
Wedding ceremony at Great Oak Manor
Groomsman coming down the aisle
Groomswoman in a suit
Groom being escorted down the aisle by both parents
Groom waiting for his groom
Groom escorted down the aisle by both parents
Grooms exchanging vows during their wedding ceremony
emotional wedding guest during ceremony
Grooms holding hands during wedding ceremony
ring exchange during wedding ceremony
first kiss during wedding ceremony
newly married gentlemen
Very happy newlyweds
Wedding portraits at Great Oak Manor
Two grooms holding a ship model 
Happily married newlyweds in a portrait
Great Oak Manor wedding portraits
grooms laughing, wearing plaid ties
Summertime wedding family portraits
Summertime wedding groom style
Great Oak Manor wedding portraits outside
riverside wedding photos
grooms sitting in wooden chairs by the water
Canoes in the backdrop of a wedding portrait of two grooms
Entering the party with a cheers!
organic wedding table spread
escort cards displayed on a tree
sunflower bar decor
sunflowers and paper lanterns at a tented wedding
first dance for two grooms
Paper lantern display in a tented wedding
Sunset wedding photos on the bay
two grooms kissing at sunset
Giving a toast
kissing before cutting the wedding pie
groomsmen and grooms in silly glasses
beautiful summer wedding in MD


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