Real Couples // Two Firefighters and One Little Babe: K + K

K & K's wedding was featured last month, and now they are having a baby! We are so excited to share their maternity photos, photographed by their wedding photographer Chloe Jackman, with words by K:

"We are both excited and anxious about becoming new parents. It’s kind of funny: our jobs as firefighters prepare us for so many different emergency situations (house fires, medical calls, car accidents, etc.), but no amount of training will ever prepare us for the fresh set of challenges that this little one will bring. Our hope is that we take it day by day, enjoying our new adventure and making sure we keep a sense of humor about all the little bumps in the road. We can’t wait to see what the future holds, but we can only envision a lot of sleepless nights, happy dances when the new kid reaches a milestone, and plenty of story time, so it's pretty similar to the fire station."

Photos by Chloe Jackman

Lesbian maternity photos showing two moms feet, with future baby sneakers in the photo. 
Expectant mom holds tiny blue sneakers of her future baby next to her baby bump.
Joyful maternity photos in SF
Lesbian maternity photos in the woods of SF
Same-sex maternity photos in San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.
Belly to belly during their maternity session in San Franscisco
Same-sex maternity photos in San Francisco at a fire station.
Same-sex maternity photos, holding belly
Same-sex maternity photos in San Francisco's woods, holding a teddy bear.


Chloe is a Bay Area-based wedding, portrait and personality photographer and the owner of Chloe Jackman Photography. Her passion is bringing back the printed photo and she does so with a dash of flare and a lot of laughter. She has freckles and a fro, and some of her favorite words are eclectic, sassy, hecka, hyphy, and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. She loves to shoot culturally specific, unique weddings and go on amazing adventures, so lets go! This is your story, let her help you tell it.  Be Bold. Be Bright. Be YOU.