Wedding Inspiration // Tattooed Brides, Vintage Motorcycle, + Studded Cake

This provocative inspired shoot is designed to amplify what it means to be empowered and committed, reimagining the way we see weddings. It is designed to inspire the nontraditional couple that wants their wedding to reflect their unrestrained personality and expression of love, reminding us that chic decorum and progressive ideas are not mutually exclusive. We wanted to show off these two gorgeous, tattoo-covered women, and we did that with a dark, jewel-toned color palette, mohawk up-dos, a vintage motorcycle, and details all stitched up with spikes and safety pins. It is a bold, riotous statement for a fearless couple with nothing to hide.

The florals are alluring, wildly romantic, and have an almost poisonous look: deep maroon blooms with hot pink accents coupled with vines crawl throughout the space. The cake is simply EPIC. It is black matte with gold spikes and a fishnet-like texture, complete with hot pink edible flowers. The laser-cut invitation suite has a great, hand-written gothic aesthetic that is complimented by hand-painted escort & table cards from graphic artist Chrisolux. His main feature, a canvas that reads “No Regrets,” encompasses the central message of our shoot: this ink, this skin, this person, our life, our love, our marriage — NO REGRETS.

I think the true significance of our shoot is embodied in Ananda and Mari, our two models. I can’t tell you how rewarding it felt to hear Ananda, upon seeing herself in this gorgeous Galit Levi dress, say, “You know, I've really never seen myself getting married, but I would TOTALLY get married in this dress!” For Mari, I envisioned a sleek suit only to find out how impossible it is to find suits designed for women. Eventually, I expanded what I was looking for and found a slinky purple number from Rent The Runway, topped off with my own leather jacket, but aside from how gorgeous this all looked, the defining moment came near the end of our shoot. We had been dealing with these two repairmen sitting in a van across the street ogling our models all day. They did not try to hide it, and it started to set me on edge. We were halfway through our shoot when a car drove by and its male driver slowed to honk his horn to harass us. I felt dread in my stomach, worried I had lost the shoot. Thankfully, I had these two badass women in front of the camera. They coolly looked toward the car, and with the greatest of ease, extended their middle fingers as high as they could. The dread and anger turned into roaring laughter, and everyone else on the shoot joined in. These two women were the perfect embodiment of what I wanted to represent. Be aggressively yourself.

Words and Photos by Amy Sims Photography

Tattooed bride putting on her shoes.
bride putting on her shoes
bride putting on her crystal bracelet
Bridal portrait, featuring wedding by Tiffany Bartok
Amy O Bridal bracelets
Back laceup detail of  Galit Levi from Designer Loft  wedding gown
Bridal portrait featuring necklace
Bridal portrait by Amy Sims
Curly mohawk by Stephen Keough
Foxglove Floral bouquet with dark red flowers
Bridal portrait with bride hold bouquet
Black bride makeup inspiration
Vintage-looking engagement ring
Bridal portrait featuring hair by Stephen Keough
pink platform stillettos
boutioneirre by foxglove floral design studio 
Two brides on a motorcycle
two brides on a motorcycle
Punk rock brides on a motorcycle
two brides flipping the bird on a motorcycle.
MyMoon same-sex wedding
stylish wedding motorcycle
brides drinking cocktails at their wedding at MyMoon
MyMoon wedding portraits
Wedding portraits at MyMoon in Brooklyn 
Purple and red bouquet by Foxglove Floral Design Studio in Brooklyn
Rock n' roll wedding stationery by Chrisolux
No regrets signage for wedding by Chrisolux 
wedding invitations by Coral Pheasant in Brooklyn
wedding stationery by Coral Pheasant
Wedding centerpieces by Foxglove Floral Design Studio
Wedding centerpieces by Foxglove Floral Design studio
wedding decor at MyMoon in Brooklyn
wedding decor at MyMoon in Brooklyn
Place setting for a wedding at MyMoon
Punk rock wedding cake by Lael Cakes in Brooklyn
Rock star wedding cake from Lael Cakes
same-sex wedding portrait featuring hair by stephen keough


Photographer | Amy Sims Photography
Venue | My Moon Restaurant & Bar
Floral & Décor Designs | Foxglove Floral Design Studio
Hair | Stephen Keough
Makeup Artist | Tiffany Bartok 
Cake | Lael Cakes 
Signage & Paper Goods | Chrisolux 
Stationery | Coral Pheasant Stationery 
Jewelry | Amy O. Bridal 
Dress 1 | Galit Levi from Designer Loft 
Dress 2 (purple) | Rent the Runway 
Model 1 | Ananda, @anandaisjoy
Model 2 | Mari, @ink_stained_skin


The very first wedding I shot was of my friends, both named Jeffrey. I had such a great time, but it wasn’t until after my own wedding that I decided wedding photography was something I really wanted to do - and I absolutely love it! I love capturing the joy and chaos of a couple surrounded by their loved ones on one of the best damn days of their lives. Getting to work with other industry creatives and seeing all the amazing & beautiful things they create makes each wedding/shoot so exciting because I’m the person who gets to capture it all! From Colorado, but really a New Yorker. Obsessed with corgis & Joss Whedon.