Black BeauTEA Talk // Fall Beauty Trends Inspired by Black Girls Rock!

Black BeauTEA Talk

Hi beauties! How y'all feeling?!! I'm feeling AMAZING after having watched Black Girls Rock! last night on BET!!! I mean how glorious was that show?! If you watched please do tell me all of your favorite parts and which looks you were here for. I'm sitting here sipping this vanilla chai tea because it's too damn hot to be playing those hot tea games, okay?! Anyways I decided that I'm ready for fall because that is my favorite season, and I guess that means we should talk fall beauty trends, right?!!! After watching Black Girls Rock!, I saw a few of the trends I was gonna mention in September's write-up, so let's do this thang shall we?!!


If you know me by now (which you should), you'd know that my first fall beauty trend fav is SKIN!!! When I say skin, I'm talking about healthy, illuminated skin. Yes, in the fall we want that illuminated skin with a little flush to ditch all that matte-ifying powder, mmkay?! Yara in all of her youthful awesomeness is always serving up immaculate skin realness, and her Black Girls Rock! look was no different.

Black BeauTEA Talk

Notice she has a lit-from-within-glow and that subtle flush of color on her cheeks. The key to beautiful skin is skincare and skin prep prior to applying your makeup. I try a shit-ton of different skin and foundation products because really there are so many, and I work with a lot of different skin types. As a rule though, you should be using a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer (with SPF—I don't care how dark you are; use the SPF, k?). Exfoliate twice a week, and eye creams and beauty mask of different sorts are always a great addition, as well! There is a company I found out about recently called Glossier, and I am loving some of their products!!! They sell a sunscreen called invisible shield, and it is seriously a game-changer. I love that the SPF level is 35, which is high enough for me to protect my hyper-pigmentation. I am also in love with their cloud paints, which are the most lightweight, but beautifully pigmented, cream blush ever. My favorite shade is "Haze," and it's actually a blush that Yara Shahidi has been seen wearing. (I may or may not stalk celebs' Instagrams just to see what beauty products they're using. Thank me later.) Using one of these cloud paints will give you a nice flush to your cheeks. To illuminate, you want to apply illuminating products underneath your foundation of bb cream. This will give you an effortless lit from within glow. Some of my favorite illuminators are from Danessa Myricks. She is the queen of glow, and her products are so worth every cent.

2. Plum Lips

Black BeauTEA Talk

On one of the promo ads for Black Girls Rock! this year was host Taraji P. Henson, seen with a beautiful berry/plum lip. That reminded me of another fall trend I'm embracing this summer. Let's definitely do some fun, yet cold weather appropriate, plum lips ladies. One of my favorite fall plum shades is actually made by Wet n Wild, and it's so inexpensive! It's a liquid lipstick, and the shade is called “I harbor a crush on him.” They're $4.99 and sold at most drugstores! Another lip I'm dying to see more of this fall is a red/'s a daring choice, but they are so beautiful! Pat McGrath recently released a lipstick collection, and there are some of the most beautiful brown girl-friendly shades you'll ever set your eyes on!!!

3. Nude Lips

Black BeauTEA Talk

Another favorite fall beauty trend is nude lips!! I'm not talking about those ashy one-size-fits-all shade nude lipsticks. I am talking about those nudes that can be worn with or without a lipliner. Those nudes that fit the lightest of our brown sisters to the darkest. Those nudes that melt into your lips, feel, and look like luscious nude brown skin. I found an amazing black-owned company that has the most brilliant range of nude lipsticks, and you HAVE to find your match and keep it handy this fall. Mented is such an amazing company, and I wish them so much success!

Alexis and Isis from the band  St. Beauty

Alexis and Isis from the band St. Beauty

4. Frosted Lids

Y'all see Issa? Y'all see our awkward black girl doing the damn thing out here?!! I'm so proud, but anyway this next trend I'm a little shocked I'm into. But ladies, let's do frosted lids this fall... Get you a sweep of a light shimmer on your lid, and keep it moving! I recommend applying shimmer shadows with your fingertip and then blending the edges with a brush. Its a subtle and simple way to add some excitement to your look!

Black BeauTEA Talk

5. Attitude

Now my last fall beauty trend favorite is brought to you by the superb Auntie Maxine Waters.

Black BeauTEA Talk

Attitude! This fall, no matter what you wear, the biggest trend will be to walk in your truth without hesitation! Do it unapologetically, and when somebody come at you crazy, be sure to let them know that it is the time of the Reclaim, and that's tea!  

I hope these fall beauty trends were helpful. Please share with me in the comments what your fall go-tos will be!

~Peace & Light~



I am a freelance makeup artist located in Cameron, North Carolina. I have been working in this area for three years doing event makeup, as well as print and some runway. This year I will be working to build a bridal artistry business that will be fully mobile. I studied makeup artistry at makeup artist studios in Richmond, Virginia, and from there developed my aesthetic. I spend a lot of time studying past artists, as well as trends today. I believe that everyone is beautiful, and my job is to enhance that!