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Black BeauTEA Talk is a monthly column especially for black brides to find inspiration for bridal hair and makeup hosted by one of the best in the industry, Brittney Taylor.

Hey Beauties, its FALLLL!!!! Fall is my absolute favorite season, and I’m so excited that this season is here. I mean booties and sweaters to pair with my mom jeans is a win if you ask me. They can keep that pumpkin spice tho; it’s tragic, and I don’t do tragic. (laughs) Tell me in the comments what your favorite season is and why. Also fall is a perfect time for me to test out some new teas and let you all know about them. Today i’m sitting here sipping this mimosa because, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I love wine and other spirits as much as a good mug of tea. Mix it with a dash of orange juice if it’s still too early in the day, and you quickly go from “oohhh look at her always drinking” to “she is so chic and classy.” Thank me later for that life hack. (laughs)

On to more pressing matters. This may come as a surprise, but once again I was not at New York Fashion Week this year. I know, right? How am I always way too busy to attend or work the show every year? (laughs) (One year I’ll actually be invited to the show, and then I can stop pretending I’m too busy to go. *ugly cries*) But that didn’t stop me from sitting on my couch stalking all of the websites and social media to catch every update, and of course everyone was serving looks! However this was the first year I paid special attention to the bridal looks, so let’s talk about my thoughts on the ones I’ve seen thus far.

Brandon Maxwell at New York Fashion Week

Can we first get into Brandon Maxwell and his genius on the runway this year? He came with some ready-to-wear pieces, and I was here for it! Not to mention his models were diverse, and that’s always a winner for me. I love how he had a variety of silhouettes in his collection. I am so feeling this first one that’s really sleek with more of a subtle drape technique going on. I mean, I too love a ballgown or a train, but this style is so flattering on all body types and really gives me a powerful yet sexy vibe.  

Brandon Maxwell at New York Fashion Week

The next look I really loved from Brandon is what I love to call the Cinderella gown, and this is definitely fairytale ready, right?! I love every bit of this gown. Can we also get a “yasssssssss” for the styling on Brandon’s models? I keep telling y'all that minimal is a movement and Brandon totally went for that in this show. He had about 45 super cute ready-to-wear looks, and you all should check them out!!

Malan Breton at New York Fashion Week

Next in line are a couple pieces from Malan Breton that I really loved from her collection and could totally see being worn by a bride. I mean just look at the details on this first dress. It makes wearing a white gown look more modern due to the fabric she chose. We all know that wearing a pop of metallic like the champagne detail is so daring, and somehow she made it look whimsical and really soft. I have to add that I really don’t like the necklace they put on the model, though. Take the necklace away, add a more dramatic makeup look (yes I said dramatic makeup, but don’t lose your mind laughs), toss her a bouquet, and Issa bride!  

Malan Breton at New York Fashion Week

This second look I loved from Malan I imagine being worn at a beach wedding or elopement. It is so chic and definitely a dress that you could wear more than once! I want it in black just because. (laughs)

Michael Costello at New York Fashion Week

Michael Costello had a couple pieces that I absolutely loved seeing, which is not too surprising, although I do feel that he can do dated pieces sometimes (sue me). I like lace, and while I feel like it can get real grandmotherly quickly, I actually loved how daring this piece is. I know somewhere there is a bride that would slay this!

Michael Costello at New York Fashion Week

Need I say anything about his other piece here? PRETTYYYYY — that is all I have. It is a really pretty dress, and I mean I think someone could even add pockets and kick it up another notch. Otherwise this is perfection to me: so youthful, so light, so modern. Come through ethereal bride!

Dennis Basso at New York Fashion Week

This dress right here is designed by Dennis Basso, and I instantly fell in love with it once I came across it. While I didn’t like the styling of the show at all, this dress is beautiful regardless.

So those are my few top picks, but there were really so many pieces that I could see a bride in! I definitely want all of my beauties to take a look and let me know what your favorites were! I was not disappointed with the shows for NYFW this year, but could they have used some more black models? Of course, but I knew what I was getting into, and that’s TEA!

~Peace & Light~


I am a freelance makeup artist located in Cameron, North Carolina. I have been working in this area for three years doing event makeup, as well as print and some runway. This year I will be working to build a bridal artistry business that will be fully mobile. I studied makeup artistry at makeup artist studios in Richmond, Virginia, and from there developed my aesthetic. I spend a lot of time studying past artists, as well as trends today. I believe that everyone is beautiful, and my job is to enhance that!