Our 15 Favorite Weddings and Elopements of 2018

It’s that time of the year! Here are our favorite real wedding moments from 2018!

Hasara + Daniel’s Sri Lankan and Chinese Joy-Filled Wedding in Sydney, Australia

There are so many things to love about this wedding. Hasara and Daniel had a Chinese tea ceremony on day one of their wedding, complete with a custom red gown by Tavi Couture, beautiful balloons, and numerous family mementos. Their Sri Lankan ceremony on day two was just as lovely, and after all their celebrating was done, Hasara’s family gathered together their flowers and made bouquets to take to their local hospital.

Photos by White Lane Studio. View full vendor list.

Travis + Shavonne’s Art-Inspired Wedding at The Levine Museum of the New South

Travis and Shavonne mixed together art, history, and joy for their wedding at The Levine Museum of the New South in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the result was stunning. I especially can’t get enough of Travis and his groomsmen looking fly AF.

Photos by Posh Moments Photography. View full vendor list.

Andrei + Starsha’s DIY Jovial Family Wedding in Brooklyn

I am absolutely in love with this wedding. The DIY florals, Starsha’s sleek modern gown, and the warm community vibe — I cannot get enough.

Photos by Corey Torpie Photography. View full vendor list.

Jon + Donal’s Irish Wedding at The Bellinter House

We love an Irish wedding, especially when the grooms are this dashing and the venue is this marvelous. Add stacked cheese cakes to the mix, and how can you resist?

Photos by Honey and the Moon Photography. View full vendor list.

Elle + Suzy’s Tented Garden Wedding in Louisville, Kentucky

Suzy’s expression when Elle is walking down the aisle is priceless, and the decor and attire at this wedding does not disappoint!

Photos by Sarah Katherine Davis. View full vendor list.

Frank + Inger’s Tattooed Feminist Elopement in NYC

We really love NYC elopements around these parts, and Frank + Inger’s elopement is no exception. Bonus points for being a couple who can bring feminism into their wedding celebration.

Photos by Kamila Harris. View full vendor list.

Mamta + Hirsha’s Winter Snowfall Wedding in the Poconos

Snowy weddings add an extra level of magic to an already magical day. Mamta + Hirsha’s winter wedding is absolutely stunning.

Photos by Charmi Patel Peña.

Teddy + Vanessa’s Intimate NYC Elopement

I am here for Vanessa’s outfit every day of the week. Crop top and wedding pants? The only way to dress for a summer wedding.

Photos by De Nueva Photography. View full vendor list.

Albertine + Monica’s Joyous Indian Wedding in Denver

The color, the joy, the floral prints, the Colorado forest — I dare you not to love this wedding.

Photos by Hardy Klahold. View full vendor list.

Jason + Sylvia Caribbean Love Story in NYC

Jason and Sylvia are absolutely glowing in all of their photos, and the backdrop is just reinforcing why DUMBO is one of the top spots in NYC for wedding photos.

Photos by Debbie-Jean Lemonte. View full vendor list.

Gloria + William’s Glam Wedding in Cleveland, Ohio

Gloria’s wedding dress and her bright smile get me every time. Also, why didn’t I get wedding photos on a carousel?!

Photos by Robb McCormick. View full vendor list.

Janelle + William’s Tropical-Inspired Wedding in San Diego

Palm trees, ocean, tropical florals, and your whole community circled around you sending you love — now, that’s how you do a wedding.

Photos by Julie Ferneau for Let's Frolic Together. View full vendor list.

Christina + Mark’s Dreamy Pastels and Florals Wedding in Dallas, TX

What pairs better with soft pastel florals than gray modern architecture? In this former architecture student’s opinion, nothing.

Photos by Laura Parker. View full vendor list.

Hope + Meg’s Intimate Wedding in Baltimore

Hope and Meg teach me that you should always let your personality shine through on your wedding day, and you should always bring your pets to your wedding!

Photos by Nathan Mitchell. View full vendor list.

Dana + TJ’s Glam Art Deco Wedding in Riverwalk, SC

The outfits, y’all! The outfits! Both Dana and TJ went through outfit changes on their wedding day (outfit changes aren’t just for brides, y’all!) and each glamorous art deco outfit was better than the last.

Photos by Amber Robinson. View full vendor list.

Jen Siomacco


Jen Siomacco is the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Catalyst Wedding Co. She works to mesh together her love of feminism, love stories, accessibility, equality, and design into the Catalyst brand. When she’s not traveling the country working to make the wedding industry a more inclusive place, she’s writing on her couch and snuggled up with her husband and SUPER lazy cats.