Real Couples // Sun and Nature Filled Engagement Session in Lafayette, IN: Alexis + Megan


Both Megan and I worked at Walmart at the time. We both had a mutual crush on each other, but Megan was too shy to talk to me and avoided me at all costs. Finally, a mutual friend let us in on each other’s interest, and that is how our relationship began.

For our proposal, I told Megan we were going for a drive, then surprised her with a road trip to New York City. In Central Park we met up with an a cappella group on the Gapstow Bridge. They were singing our song, Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur. After they were done singing, I popped the question.

We decided not to go with the traditional engagement ring because it wasn’t our style. Instead, I decided to go with a more masculine style ring for Megan. Her ring is mostly tungsten, but it has an abalone inlay because she loves the look of marble and I knew she would love it.

For our engagement photo style, we decided to incorporate our wedding colors (charcoal grey, red, and white) into our engagement pictures. We were inspired to use this color scheme for our wedding because those were the colors we used to paint our first apartment.

We loved Jasmine’s style of photography, and after looking through her online galleries and her whole process of everything, it just seemed like a no-brainer to go with her. She has made everything so easy and fun for us, even in just the beginning. She has exceeded our expectations and even gave us cute gifts along the way.

There weren’t many sentimental locations in our city that we could use for our engagement session (unless we did it at Steak ’n Shake where we had our first date) so we decided to leave it up to our photographer, Jasmine. Jasmine amazed us yet again. She gave us a few suggestions and showed us previous engagement sessions at each location, and we loved the look of the battleground, so that’s the one we chose.

One thing I'm looking forward to about being married (other than the typical cliché of spending the rest of my life with my best friend) is being able to call Megan my wife, sharing a last name, and knowing that she will forever be my family.

And finally our bios. Megan and I decided to write our bios about each other. It seemed easier to write it about the other instead of about ourselves! I'll start:

Megan is 24 and she’s lived in Indiana her whole life. She loves animals, and she aspires to be a vet tech. After our wedding, we are going to start saving up so she can go back to school and start working towards her dream job. We currently have a 10 month old Siberian Husky, but once she gets older we plan to get a Dachshund as well because that is Megan’s favorite breed.


Alexis is 20 years old and from Arizona. She moved to Indiana some years back. She has a big passion for art and graphic design, but her real aspiration is to become a police officer. She loves to travel and learn new languages. She even studied abroad in Mérida, Mexico and is fluent in Spanish. She does, however, enjoy spending her free time with her loved ones. Nothing beats a cozy evening with our family by the fire and a cup of peppermint hot cocoa (don’t forget the marshmallows!). That being said, she loves the heat and we plan to move back to Arizona one day, as a family.

Words by Megan and Alexis, as told by Amber Marlow. Photos by Jasmine Norris-Dixson.

Lafayette, indiana engagement session alexis and megan with arms around each other
lafayette indiana engagement session kiss in field
lafayette indiana engagement session embrace on field path
lafayette indiana engagement session alexis and megan on stone steps
lafayette indiana engagement session portrait shot of alexis
lafayette indiana engagement session portrait shot of megan
lafayette indiana engagement session couple on steps
lafayette indiana engagement session kiss in front of brick building with wooden door
lafayette indiana engagement session couple in field before kiss
lafayette indiana engagement session megan's engagement ring on tree branch
lafayette indiana engagement session couple on bridge above river holding hands
lafayette indiana engagement session megan kissing alexis's cheek in field
lafayette indiana engagement session alexis kissing megan's cheek on steps

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