6 Times Having Fur Babies at Your Wedding was Awesome

What could make a wedding even more special than sharing it with loved ones? Sharing it with your fur babies, of course! Most couples consider their fur babies members of the family, so why should they stay home on this special day? Here are some of our favorite wedding fur babies.

Mack + Jeanne's Stylish Woodsy Wedding with Their Frenchie

This furry wedding friend must be one of my all-time favorites. Just look at this cute wedding Frenchie ready to party! Bulldogs of any kind are one my go-to breeds and I can’t get enough of this cutie at Mack and Jeanne's outdoor wedding in Cincinnati.

Photo by Leah Moyers

Photo by Leah Moyers

Photo by  Leah Moyers

Photo by Leah Moyers

A destination wedding is a perfect way to set a romantic, getaway mood. But who's going to watch the dog? Might as well just take them with you like couple Ajay and Kate! They brought their gorgeous pitbull along with them for their special day and included the dog in some of their wedding pictures! This warms my heart and helps to end the sigma of this sweet breed being aggressive and dangerous.

Photo by Story & Gold Weddings

Photo by Story & Gold Weddings

Another Pit for the win! This time with an adorable flower head piece! Mariam and Fernando decided to have a spontaneous Friday the 13th wedding. They had no reason to feel unlucky in anyway based on the love they have for each other and the pup that they had standing next to them at the wedding!

Photo by  Rachel Barehl

Photo by Rachel Barehl

Photo Rachel Barehl

Photo Rachel Barehl

Okay so this one is a styled shoot, but both cats and dogs get included and we can't look away from the cute. “Let’s do a shoot that involves cats…and motorcycles!” That quote was the inspiration for this series of wedding inspiration and it is so, so good.

Donnie and Jamie brought their dog Tucker to their wedding day and even had him sport a matching tie. Tucker was there with them as they walked down the aisle and was even included in their custom wedding cake topper. 

Photos by  Marni Wishart

Photos by Marni Wishart

This stunning bride is sharing kisses with more than just her significant other! But let's be honest, if you're holding a puppy as cute as that, who could blame her?

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