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“With this ring, I do wed.” This, or some variation of the phrase, is something many of our readers will hear on their wedding day. It’s a big moment when you place your partner’s ring on their hand in marriage. It’s an emotional moment full of anticipation, immeasurable beauty, and often the result of months of planning. For many, it’s a moment you only get to experience once on your wedding day, but With These Rings you can capture some of that beauty and emotion ahead of the wedding while crafting your own custom rings over the course of just a few hours.

Stephanie Selle, owner of With These Rings, firmly believes that “you can’t buy love, but you can make it.” In fact, it’s her tagline! Her studio in Port Townsend, Washington gives couples the unique experience of making their own handcrafted rings!  

Crafting Your Own Wedding Rings is a Bit Like Crafting Your Marriage

“We live in a culture full of disposable things, but your wedding rings are meant to last. I wanted to give people the opportunity to make rather than shop” Stephanie said.

Many of Stephanie’s couples opt for simple, classic bands, but there are also customizing options for those who have special designs in mind. The parallels between crafting a ring and crafting a marriage weren’t lost on either of us during our conversation.

“I want them to walk away with memories. Almost everyone worries that they might screw it up, but there’s always a moment when they realize that they didn’t and it is beautiful. They become present while they’re here. They eventually get it. They’re off their phone for hours and working on this tiny thing,” she said.

Like Marriage, You Can’t Predict What the Ring-Making Process Has in Store for You

After a series of steps that includes practicing with copper, cutting the raw stock gold down to size, annealing the metal with a torch, soldering the seam, sanding, and polishing, two beautiful rings are prepared to go home with the couple where they will await that special moment on their wedding day.

“Some people break for lunch and some work all the way through it. You can’t predict how long it’s really going to take, but anyone can do this. It’s definitely not for everyone, but if the idea lights you up then it is meant for you” she said.

For more on With These Rings’ creative process follow them on Instagram, Pinterest, & Facebook, then head to their website to plan your visit!

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