Black BeauTEA Talk // 4 Picks for Summer Bridal Trends

Hey beauties, how did you all enjoy the last Black BeauTEA talk? I have been implementing those products that I shared and my skin is thanking me! I am in Kansas visiting my mother now and this weather is extremely ridiculous. I mean Spring, where you at?!! It’s so bad that I’m drinking peppermint tea as we speak trying to knock the chill off. Brr…

But let’s get into some summer bridal trends. I’ve been really busy with some personal things but I’ve seen quite a few bridal looks that I absolutely love.

1. Suits!

Yes ma’am, you heard me right… a nice suit would be such a beautiful look for a summer wedding or elopement. These were trending for winter weddings, but honestly depending on the fabric and cut I can see a nice jumpsuit similar to the ones pictured being a pretty dope look for summer as well! A woman that would wear a pantsuit to get married is a woman whose wedding I would attend in a heartbeat. I mean, obviously she is prepared to dance all night, and of course I’m here for it!

2. Off-the-Shoulder Gowns

Lela Rose The Marseille

Lela Rose The Marseille

It’s summer trends, but giving people a little cold shoulder action at your wedding is definitely a "Hell Yes," if you ask me. I have seen so many off-the-shoulder gowns lately and loved all of them. Everything from a fitted dress to a more beachy vibe, loose fitting off-the-shoulder is extremely beautiful and effortlessly sexy to me. Not to mention, Rihanna just released a new body glow product for Fenty Beauty, Body Lava, so just imagine having that glowing neckline exposed, yes girl!

3. Color!

Let’s do color at weddings and elopements this season, ladies! I have been loving the soft pastel colors i’ve seen on different gowns and I am in love. We all know (because we’ve discussed it right here before) that black women look absolutely regal and radiant in color, so this trend sells itself. I admittedly wear a lot of black and neutral tones, but I could see myself in a light-colored gown made with some easy fabric on the beach getting married. I mean, why not add some effortless print as well to take it a step further? I can see the right woman taking this style to the next level and really slaying a dress similar to these pictured.

4. Draped Gowns

The last of my favs that i’ve been seeing is the draped, super Grecian goddess-inspired gowns, and I am so here for it! I think that these silhouettes are really flattering on so many different body types and can be styled a number of ways. It’s super sexy but still really easy to pull off and we all know that I love easy and effortless.

So beauties, comment and tell me all of your favorite bridal styles and the ones you liked from my list. I didn’t have a wedding, but I swear going through these looks makes me sort of regret it. I hope that if you are getting married or even attending a wedding this summer you have found some inspiration. Some of these can even be worn to another type of event if you’re about that life, and that’s tea!!

~Peace & Light~

Photo by  Amanda Summerlin


I am a freelance makeup artist located in Cameron, North Carolina. I have been working in this area for three years doing event makeup, as well as print and some runway. This year I will be working to build a bridal artistry business that will be fully mobile. I studied makeup artistry at makeup artist studios in Richmond, Virginia, and from there developed my aesthetic. I spend a lot of time studying past artists, as well as trends today. I believe that everyone is beautiful, and my job is to enhance that!