The Wedding Nest Is the Gift Registry That Will Finally Help You Achieve Your Dream Home

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The Wedding Nest is an Australia-based wedding registry site that knows that for some couples decorating their home with the same IKEA or Crate and Barrel couch just isn’t an option. This service is unlike any registry you’ve ever seen. How, you ask? They offer original artwork, let you customize your gifts, and they style your wishlist like a lookbook so you can easily imagine your future designer home.

In addition to visuals you’re bound to salivate over, they also offer incredible customer service. That’s all due to owner Katie Burt. Katie has a degree in Interior Design and has spent years helping people craft their own unique style. Now she’s offering up her impeccable design skills to the masses with The Wedding Nest gift registry.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Katie and learning more about what The Wedding Nest can offer couples like you. Here’s what she had to say:

What do you want Catalyst readers to know about The Wedding Nest?

The Wedding Nest has the beautiful items you really want to build a home with your future partner, and these are also items that guests will love giving. e want to make it an easy and fun process for everyone involved.

You got your start in interior design. In what ways can interior design help couples shape their relationships?

It’s always nice to have a beautiful place to call home, but well-designed interiors can also help wonders with things behind the scenes. For example, good patial design allows for a great open floor plan for entertaining or clever storage to help organise your life!

How is building a home similar to building a marriage?

There will be many hurdles along the way, but it’s important to know you can always stop, take a moment to pause, and work them out.

What's the best design advice you ever received that works for marriages, too?

Always listen and stay true to what is best for you. Other people’s ideas of what is best will not always be what you want.

Are there any trends that you've noticed that are specific to the Australian market?

An open floor plan and outdoor entertaining plus a love of including plants is a very Australian style.

What are your goals for The Wedding Nest for the next year?

e’re always looking for more gorgeous product to add to the website and will possibly be opening a showroom!

What's something people don't expect about The Wedding Nest that they absolutely love?

Any item on your registry over $300 automatically becomes a group contribution gift. Guests can contribute anything from $50 upwards. This way couples can add larger items such as art or furniture and don't need to feel embarrassed or like they are putting a strain on their guests!

What made you want to be featured in Catalyst?

Your publication is real and creative. There are so many more amazing wedding stories to be told out there, and we love seeing things that are unique and different.

What makes The Wedding Nest special in comparison to other registries?

Couples are able to add up to five of their own custom gifts and can also choose from our custom honeymoon and “wishing well” items, like renovation funds, in-home styling for couples based in Sydney, couples’ massage, artwork funds, excursions, and even relocation funds for couples planning to move after the wedding.

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