New York and Chicago Couples, LVR Events Turns Your Wedding Dreams into Reality

 Photo by  Martim Thomaz

Photo by Martim Thomaz

Lovebirds, I’m sure you’ve felt it was kismet when you met your partner, but when I heard, ““I’m really lucky that my couples are people that I like as human beings,” I realized I could feel that same way for a professional peer. Wedding planner to wedding planner, Meg Hotchkiss of LVR Events in New York City is the real deal.

LVR Events or La Vie en Rose Events, was named after the song her and her stationary designer husband danced to at their wedding. I got the chance to chat with her and found a million reasons her clients are drawn to her and completely blown away by her work.

Here are my top 5 moments from our conversation that showcase the riot she is and the brilliance of LVR Events:

Meg Takes Wedding Day Dedication to Another Level

“It’s a dedication, personality, and thriving-under pressure situation.”

During our conversation Meg told me about a story that’ll go down in the Hall of Fame for Wedding Planners. She brought up her dedication to the client and their day saying “I could break my foot and they would never know about it.” The funny thing is, she actually did. “I got the couple through their ceremony, went to the ER, had an assistant cover me while I was gone, and came back for their reception in a cast.” She came back! Most people would have called it quits and gone home but she came back to make sure her couple had a fantastic day. That’s dedication.

 Photo by  Colby Blount

Photo by Colby Blount

Meg Loves Working with Engaged New York Couples

“Couples [here] know who they are so they don’t care as much about what other people think. I do feel that they are more willing to embrace who they are as a couple so that informs their event design.”

Meg Can Take a Client’s Wedding Design Dream and Turn It into Reality

 Photo by  Photo Pink

Photo by Photo Pink

“They’re amazing spectacles. I did a design for a couple that had an Alice and Wonderland themed wedding and they exchanged cooky bedazzled hats as a part of their ceremony. I also did an installation of upside down parasols and a croquet court with a giant throne.’ They even had dress up items for guests and servers in animal masks too!

 Photo by  Photo Pink

Photo by Photo Pink

Meg Knows How to Keep Her Couples Sane Even on the Worst Wedding Planning Days

“I approach planning as an educational process so they can make the right decision for them and their family.” As she puts it, “It’s not just telling them what they need to do but why. It’s one of the things that sets me apart. ‘Here’s what you need to not become a crazy person. Here’s what your guests are going to remember.’ The rest of it? Screw it.”

Meg Knows How to Delegate and Grow, and Is Ready to Take on More Weddings!

“I had an amazing coordinator that worked for me in Brooklyn. She had to move to Chicago, so now she’s going to start taking on wedding management clients for LVR CHICAGO!”

You can find LVR Events on facebook, Instagram, and online at

 Jordan Maney


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