Real Couples // A Wine Bar Engagement Session in Norfolk, VA | Carmen + Natalie

I will tell you the best thing about being married—it literally is like having a sleepover with your best friend every night. Before I met Natalie, there was nothing I hated more than this sleepover saying. I thought it was stupid and inaccurate. I was so wrong. Natalie and I make it a point to always let the other person know that they are appreciated, either through word or deed, and both of us work consciously to make sure the other person’s “love tank” is full (Read the book 5 Love Languages—it’s amazing). Knowing that you have a partner and best friend who is always trying to make you feel loved and secure makes it so easy to give that back to them in return.

Press 626 is Natalie and my favorite place to go for date night dinner, a nightcap, or Sunday brunch. It is also the last place we went to brunch before she was deployed and the first place we took our parents to brunch for Natalie’s homecoming. The vibe is very eclectic, classy, and cool, and the staff is amazing! The upstairs room, where the photos were taken, is an absolute gem and gave us some privacy for our photos. Somehow the bartender also managed to capture our distinct personalities when he made us our drinks to have during the photo shoot.

The Freemason District where we went for the second set of photos has amazing cobblestone streets, is on the water, and has the perfect viewing spot for the sunset. Also, it allowed us to have Olga make an appearance in our photos, since she has been so integral to our love story.

Words by Carmen, one of the future brides, as told by Amber Marlow. Photos by The Girl Tyler.

Wine Bar Engagement Virginia
Wine Bar Engagement Virginia Carmen and Natalie on sofa
Wine Bar Engagement Virginia carmen and natalie clinking glasses together
Wine Bar Engagement Virginia kiss in corner of wine bar
Wine Bar Engagement Virginia candid embrace from behind
Wine Bar Engagement Virginia couple laughing in front of colorful mural
 Wine Bar Engagement Virginia kiss on forehead on cobblestone street with their dog olga
 Wine Bar Engagement Virginia kiss on shoulder with greenery in background
 Wine Bar Engagement Virginia natalie and carmen kissing olga's cheeks
 Wine Bar Engagement Virginia kiss while olga sits on lap
 Wine Bar Engagement Virginia candid on cobblestone street


Photography | The Girl Tyler

First location | Press 626 Wine Bar

Make up | Beth with Behind the Veil

Carmen’s hair | Darling and Dapper Studio

Natalie’s hair | Mia with G Patton Salon


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