11 Inclusive Wedding Celebrants & Officiants Who Add a Personal Touch

Photo by Lauren Kinsey Photography

Photo by Lauren Kinsey Photography

Finding the right wedding officiant is tough, especially if you think your only options are a priest or a justice of the peace. Thankfully, there are dozens of inclusive and secular wedding officiants and celebrants to choose from!

1. Married by Josh

Josh Withers is the owner and celebrant behind Married by Josh. Josh is based in Australia, but travels the world celebrating people in love. He brings personality and humor to each ceremony, carefully incorporating elements about each couple while bringing laughs and entertainment.

2. Married by Marley

Okay, we are a little biased when it comes to Marley Jay. Not only is he an amazing writer and secular, ethical Humanist officiant, he is also married to my co-owner and photographer, Amber Marlow. Marley serves the NYC area and is always up for elopements and weddings. Sometimes you can even book him with his photographer wife! They make a pretty awesome team.

3. River and Root Ceremonies

Hannah Nielsen-Jones is the owner of River and Root Ceremonies, a Washington, D.C.-based wedding celebrant who offers all of her services in both English and Spanish. “Metaphorically speaking, I am an alchemist,” says Hannah. “I combine your story, ideas, and potent symbolic elements with academic training and practical background, to create and lead a ceremony that is wholly authentic to you.”

4. Honeybreak Officiants

Mirelle Polovin and her team of wedding officiants love marrying couples in the New York City area. Mirelle believes love is love, and welcomes all clients who are ready to celebrate their union. “I'm a wedding wordsmith,” says Mirelle, “and I’ll work with you to craft a ceremony that beautifully tells your love story; curated with the quirks and delights of your relationship, family traditions, toasts from your closest friends, meaningful readings, and the love you share with one another.”

5. Once Upon a Vow

Daniela VillaRamos & Karla Villar are the team of wedding officiants and love storytellers behind Once Upon a Vow. They serve the NYC area, and know all the best spots for your super unique wedding ceremony. “In my book, your ceremony is THE moment where you look back on your journey together, feel present in your joy, and look forward to your life together, as partners-in-adventure,” says Daniela. “After all, you've chosen your favorite person to go through life's ups and downs with, so your ceremony should celebrate THAT in a real, personal way that feels true to you.”

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6. Ronda Armstrong

Ronda Armstrong is a Cleveland, Ohio-based wedding officiant and wedding coach who is ready to help you take the next big step in your relationship. Ronda travels the country celebrating love and getting to know her amazing couples. “I consider it an absolute honor and a blessing to be a part of something so meaningful,” she says. “For this reason, I approach each ceremony with the same integrity, nurturing, and care that I would my own. My number one priority is to deliver the ceremony that is not only memorable but reflects the love, values, and traditions of the couple.”

7. Let’s Get Married by Marie

As Marie Burns Holzer says on her website, she is #antiboringweddings. She doesn’t believe that your wedding ceremony should follow a template or script. She knows that your ceremony should be as unique as your relationship. “I don’t start writing your ceremony until AFTER I get to know you two: your personalities, your beliefs, your style,” she says. “Only then do I start to write the ceremony around the life and love you two share. Plus, I believe that wedding ceremonies should be equal parts intimate, heartfelt moments and real, honest-to-goodness belly laughs, so there’s that!”

8. Pop Wed Co.

Maggie and Steven Gaudaen founded Pop Wed Co. as a way to bring tiny elopements and weddings to life in Washington, D.C. When they first started, the plan was simple — Maggie would take the photographs and Steven would serve as a Humanist officiant. Since then, they have created dozens of tiny wedding celebrations, have added a team of badass photographers and an additional officiant. “Since many couples come from far and wide to be married in Washington DC, our wedding experience offers a beautiful, custom wedding organized and designed entirely by the Pop! Wed team — our couples can simply show up and get married with no stress at all.”

9. NC Secular Weddings

Looking to get married by some awesome secular Humanists in the South? If so, Kenna Covington and Cynthia Wooten of NC Secular Weddings have you covered. “When my best childhood friend asked me if I would marry her and her girlfriend, I had to get the ball rolling,” says Kenna. “A couple of years later, I married them and it was the most magical and loving experience; I was hooked, I knew I was meant to facilitate joy and help people marry each other. I am truly honored to be a part of couples’ lives. I live to serve where love is involved, it makes my life better and helps me help others.”

10. The Paris Officiant

Planning a destination wedding in Paris? Laura Montorio is The Paris Officiant, and is ready to celebrate your elopement, wedding, or vow renewal in the City of Love. She is an English-speaking officiant who knows all the best elopement spots in the city, and loves love stories. “I think that getting married is the only reasonable thing two people crazy in love could possibly do!” says Laura.

11. Lovespell Collective

The Lovespell Collective blends together a designer, planner, florist, and a wedding officiant to create an unstoppable crew of wedding professionals serving Southern California. You never have to second guess whether you are in the best possible hands when working with this crew of amazing women.

Photo by Tiffany Josephs Photography


Jen Siomacco is the CEO and Creative Director of Catalyst Wedding Co. She works to mesh together her love of feminism, love stories, equality and design into the layout and brand of Catalyst while she sits on her couch and snuggles up with her SUPER lazy cats.