10 Stylish Gifts to Give Your Wedding Party

If you're looking for gifts for your wedding party that aren't going to wind up in a landfill next year, these ten wedding party gift ideas, thoughtfully curated, are sure to be a hit.

Pick one or or two things to gift along the way, or stuff a tote bag (there's one listed here) full of everything for an over-the-top gift bag to present to the folks who are getting you through.

1. Rebecca Mir Grady "McLeod" 4mm, $105–$1650

A thin cuff with pointed ends, making them just the right mix of dainty and tough. There's royal inspiration, too: Meghan Markle reportedly gifted her closest girlfriends a bracelet before her wedding.

2. Kendra Renee Onyx Marquis Studs, $385

Simple studs (with practical silicone backs) that can be worn every day.

3. Classic Book Pins, $11

Pick a classic book to pair with each member of your party.

4. Hip Sunglasses, $30

Privé Revaux is brand new company that sells designer sunglasses that don't have a massive price tag.

5. Simply Curated Travel Candle, $13

A soy candle with wood wick that creates a small crackle as it burns. 

6. Signature Tote, $11

A signature tote bag that is less sweet and more sophisticated.

7. Personalized S’well bottle, $35–$55

Perfect for taking empty through airport security.

8. Rosé Bears, $8.50

These coveted (and delicious!) buddies were sold out for months, and are finally back in stock.

9. Turkish Bath Towels, $46 for a Set of Six

Especially useful if you’re having a tropical destination wedding. Use them as a beach towel or at home for the shower.

10. Mini Emergency Kits, $20

Anything can happen, and it’s good to be prepared.

 Amber Marlow


Amber Marlow is a New York City wedding and elopement photography with more than seven years of experience working with amazing couples. 

I've long been an advocate of inclusivity in my business. When I started in 2010, my motto was "photography for everyone" because being a wedding photographer willing to take on same-sex couples was, even in New York City, something I needed to spell out explicitly. I love working with couples and other woke wedding professionals to create wedding days, and a wedding industry, that is inclusive, feminist, and egalitarian.