Tips for Making Your Destination Wedding Really Your Own

Photo by Amy Peckins Photography

Photo by Amy Peckins Photography

Taking the plunge and opting for a destination wedding is an amazing way to celebrate your love with your partner. But when you think about the fact that you’re planning remotely, ensuring that your big day fully encapsulates your personality as a couple can seem tough to pull off. Not to fear — we have everything you need in your arsenal to achieve the most uniquely beautiful destination wedding of your dreams!

Destination Wedding Norms You Should Break

Most modern couples agree that breaking wedding norms in itself is a huge trend in 2019. Pulling off picture-perfect décor and design coordination doesn’t require strict tradition or cookie-cutter Pinterest ideas, we promise! For example, with more intimate celebrations taking place, couples are doing away with a sweetheart or head table at the reception, and instead are going for banquet-style seating with all of their guests.

In the same token, smaller wedding parties are rising in popularity with only one person standing with them at the altar. Having a joint parents’ dance by dancing all together rather than separately is also becoming a fun choice among couples.

Photo by Amy Peckins Photography

Photo by Amy Peckins Photography

How to Add Personal Touches, Even from Afar

Embrace the Beauty of the Venue

It may seem like you’re locked into a strict venue layout or limited in your décor options, but actually it’s quite the opposite. You’re in a unique position of securing a beautiful backdrop when going with a destination locale, so take advantage and use the surrounding nature as inspiration!

Trade Guest Favors for Experiences

For creative couples, make DIY wedding favors for your guests to take home. Think of it as a souvenir from their time in a new area, or plan an excursion with all of your guests as a ‘thank you’ for making the trip. Zip-lining, ATV rides, and tequila tastings are all perfectly acceptable stand-ins for favors, trust us.

Don’t Be Afraid to Dive In!

To really make your wedding stand out, go off the deep end (literally!) and get married IN the ocean or on top of the pool like some of the more adventurous couples are doing! Drone photography and videography is great for capturing the dramatic landscapes of your destination as well, so investigate vendors who offer those services.

Remember that regardless of which venue you choose, which location is best for you, or even which décor you’ll spring for, your wedding is just that — your wedding! Don’t fret about a dramatic display or having a wedding fit for a celebrity; your guests will cherish the memories with you all the same. Where Romance meets travel


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