Want Your Pup at Your Wedding? Here Are 4 Things You Need to Know

Photo by Rachel Joy Barehl  for the Out of the Box Challenge

Photo by Rachel Joy Barehl for the Out of the Box Challenge

Because Having Your Pup at Your Big Day Shouldn’t Be Ruff

You love your fur baby so much you want them at your wedding. Here are a few tips to consider to make sure Fluffy doesn’t cause a scene.

1. Make Sure Your Venue Allows Pets

Dogs are precious but they’re also hairy, unpredictable, and can poo viciously if given the chance. Have the conversation with your venue about where your pup can and can’t go and any other directives they may have. You might have to provide a check for a damage retainer or purchase event insurance in case Fido goes apesh*t. This is just a precaution so don’t take it personally if they ask.

2. Have A Doggy Chaperone

Somebody needs to watch your pup at all times. This will keep guests who aren’t comfortable with dogs happy, it’ll keep your venue happy, and it will keep your pet happy, too! They can walk your dog down the aisle or sit with them during the ceremony. They can make sure they’re getting water and food while they’re there and can also take them home at the end of the night.

3. Work With A Trainer

Your pup may adore you, but being around a lot of new people and new places can stress your baby out. Work with a trainer for a few weeks before your wedding to establish new commands or reinforce old ones like “place” and “down.”

4. Make Them Comfortable

To manage their stress, make sure they have access to food, water, and their favorite toys. If you want to keep them there beyond the ceremony, designate a space for them where the chaperone or trainer can watch them, play with them, and feed them. If you want to take them home, hire a pet sitter or hire a trainer to do that as well.

Follow these tips and your pup will adjust smoothly to the smorgasbord of sights, smells, and people they’ll experience while celebrating with you on your big day.

Photo by Rachel Joy Barehl  for the Out of the Box Challenge

Photo by Rachel Joy Barehl for the Out of the Box Challenge


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