What is the mission of Cassandra Zetta Photography?

My company's mission statement is to create a safe space for all couples, notably those within the LGBTQ+ community, to share their love openly and honestly, without worry. My tagline is "You're home." Where else can we be more ourselves than when we're at home, with our partner? Nowhere, I believe. And so, that's the experience I strive to recreate.

What is your company's origin Story?

In June 2012, the same month I married my partner, I founded my company. Through my own wedding planning experience, I understood how deeply unrepresented and misunderstood the LGBTQ+ community is in the industry. It became ever important to me to give other couples what I so desperately wanted: acceptance. And so, the following year, I rebranded and refocused my energy to create an open and vulnerable space for LGBTQ+ couples. I believed that through the visual sharing of their incredible stories, we could empower more couples to love and live openly, too.

What is one of your favorite projects you've ever worked on?

While the general understanding of a project has a finite timeline, I believe that my career is my favorite, most rewarding, ongoing project. From conception, I wanted to make a difference in the wedding industry, and I believed that I had. Then, when Marriage Equality came around, I had a moment of "Well, what do I do now? This was the goal." But soon after, hearing the continued, countless, heartbreaking stories of couples who've been denied opportunities, and in the political climate of today, I recognized how important my work still is. And so, this sparked the desire to educate, and to keep my arms and heart open to every couple who needs them.

How are you a "wedding space disrupter”?

Since almost 2 years before the passage of Marriage Equality, I have been dedicated to photographing LGBTQ+ couples, helping to increase their representation in the wedding industry. In addition, I am passionate about educating wedding vendors on how to be LGBTQ+ inclusive, and hope this aids in creating a more open and accepting wedding industry. Lastly, I believe that when we celebrate all love, and all couples, we can make huge shifts from the current white het-cis focused wedding industry, to a more inclusive space for everyone.

What three ingredients are necessary for a great day at Cassandra Zetta Photography?

Joy, connection, and openness. When celebrating couples in love, these key ingredients make for smiles, intimate, emotion-filled moments, and the space to fully be present.

What are some traits of your ideal client?

My circle believes that everyone deserves fair and equal opportunities. They value honesty and sincerity. They're the folx with warm hearts, who make you feel like an instant friend. They're all unique and shine in individuality in their own ways, but all share one common trait: kindness.

What Past Clients Have To Say:

"Cassandra became more than just our wedding photographer, she became our wedding cheerleader, our wedding planner and overall the best wedding decision that we ever made. Whether it was through email, text, or coffee dates she provided us with ideas, support and an overwhelming enthusiasm for captivating love. From the moment we were in contact there was never any question that Cass would photograph our wedding. From engagement pictures to our garden wedding Cassandra took her artistic gifts and created pure beauty. Even after (and before) the wedding she sent us cards, gifts and reminders of how grateful she was for US, really it is us who is forever indebted to her."

—Amanda and Melanie


I've always been an artist, and discovered my passion for photography post-college. I enjoy experiencing new foods at local restaurants with my husband, visiting art shows, laughing at my cats and dogs being silly and undeniably cute, venturing on long road trips, and jumping on a plane to new destinations as often as possible.






Based in Cincinnati, OH, and available for travel.

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No travel fees for up to 125 miles from Cincinnati, OH. Regional and Destination Wedding Collections are also available, with travel fees included.

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