What is the mission of Kendra Renee Jewelry?

My goal is to provide a completely unique and incredibly personal wedding band experience for my clients. We meet one-on-one in my studio to get to know each other and discuss designs. I use my ten years of industry experience to educate my clients on all their options and help them make decisions about their rings based on their values in a low-pressure environment. My goal throughout the process is to make my clients feel educated, well cared for, and that they are receiving a ring that’s as unique as the love it represents.

What is Kendra Renee Jewelry's Origin Story?

I knew I wanted to be a jeweler since I was 18 years old. I was working in a craft gallery and learning about the artists whose work we sold. When I learned about one young artist who had managed to make a full time job out of making and selling her jewelry, I was struck with an incredibly intense wave of jealousy like nothing else I’ve experienced. I thought that was a pretty strong indicator I should start taking some metalsmithing classes.

What is one of your favorite projects you've ever worked on?

It's so hard to choose because I get to work on so many unique and incredibly special projects! Recently I took a gold nugget from my client's grandfather and melted it into her wedding ring. I've also recycled to gold from a mother's wedding ring into a daughter's ring. I've redesigned old wedding sets so they can be worn and loved again, adding stacking rings to represent new members of the family. A recent favorite was taking a client's father's signet ring, repolishing the beautiful amethyst, and creating a memorial pendant for her to wear every day made from the original materials. Too many beautiful, meaningful projects to choose from!

How are you a "wedding space disrupter”?

My guiding values for my wedding jewelry are definitely different than your typical jeweler:

  • I believe there is no set amount you “should” spend. Only spend what feels comfortable and is in alignment with your values and budget.

  • I believe in choosing a diamond or gemstone that has a unique personality and that makes you happy, not one that “looks good on paper.”

  • I will never sacrifice durability. My rings need to stand the test of time.

  • I believe the wedding jewelry that symbolizes your love for your partner should not hurt the earth or any person in it (which is why I’m committed to using ethically-sourced diamonds and gemstones.)

  • I believe love is love. I welcome couples of all shapes, sizes, genders, and sexual orientations.

  • Great communication is the best way to make sure everyone is happy. I strive to be clear, to educate, and to set expectations so that there is never any confusion or anxiety.

What three ingredients are necessary for a great day at Kendra Renee Jewelry?

  1. Starting the day with a cup of coffee and some time to answer my emails (in my pajamas, of course)

  2. Heading out to my beautiful little studio to work on a new project- whether it's making a new wax model, finishing up a wedding band, or crafting a custom piece.

  3. Hearing from my clients- when someone reaches out to say they love something, it makes my day. Every time.

What are some traits of your ideal client?

My ideal clients are kind, open, and conscientious. They are looking for something different, a more personal experience, something that reflects their personal values. They are not looking for jewelry that fits a cookie-cutter mold. They are more concerned with human kindness than carat weight.

What Past Clients Have To Say:

"Kendra has made rings into an experience and a true loving art. My wife and I were so blessed to work with her to craft the bands that we exchanged at our wedding ceremony. We chose the River Rock design, and Kendra went above and beyond.

Since we were getting the same ring, she did extra work to make them each unique with special touches. She also gave us different textures, matte and shiny. She was SO kind, so thoughtful. We both enjoyed meeting her at her studio; it was lovely to spend time with her choosing the bands. She also offered us the most magical experience of a lifetime- she brought us to her caster in SF and we received a lessson in jewelry casting, then participated fully in the process of making the bands for one another! She was there taking photographs and mixing up amazing beverages while we worked with her caster to weigh then melt the gold and fill the unique one of a kind cast that would shape our ring! We actually made the rings for one another!

I will always think of her awesome smile when I think of Kendra, and her warm nature. She is a true artist in love with her craft, passionate about working with people whom will appreciate the love and dedication that goes into her work. We were so lucky to come across her ring at a local jeweler where they gave us her name. We are SO PROUD to show off these beautiful unique rings, and tell the stories my of how we were part of the crafting process. You will fall in love with her art, and her sweet spirit. Look no further for the ring of your dreams!!!"

— Chase, Sebastopol, CA

Kendra Renee Jewelry


I spend my days in my Oakland studio working one-on-one with inspiring couples at one of the most special times of their lives- the months before their wedding. In gold and precious metals, I lovingly craft their wedding bands to be as comfortable as an old friend, adventurous as the journey of life, and durable enough to weather any storm. I believe in celebrating love, and it brings me so much joy to become a part of so many love stories with each perfectly-imperfect wedding band that leaves my tiny studio.


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All rings are shipped overnight with tracking and insurance. Pricing varies depending on the value and distance.

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