Maven Made is a handcrafted line of plant-based skincare and wellness goods with a social focus on changing the wellness narrative to be more inclusive and accessible for all. From nourishing oils to Full Moon-charged rosewater or antioxidant packed matcha, each botanical ingredient is organic, certified vegan, gmo-free and crafted with mindful energy. Let us nourish your skin or be a unique addition to your welcome bags or wedding party gifts on your special day!

What is your company's origin story?

My journey into natural + mindful wellness started from a long battle with skin problems, including cystic acne. Instead of treating the problem with medication + harsh chemicals, I listened to my intuition + started researching + testing natural ingredients.

In 2013, I created an oil-based facial serum treatment which transformed my skin beyond my wildest imagination + after that, the rest is history.

What is one of your favorite projects you've ever worked on?

I have to say last years {un}convention was amazing. Not only was I able to be part of it as a workshop facilitator (everyone got to make a custom Face Serum), but I was able to connect with so many amazing people who are leading the way to make the wedding industry more mindful, what it should be.

How are you a "wedding space disrupter”?

Gifts for wedding parties or welcome bags doesn't have feel impersonal + influenced by your Pinterest feed. I suppose I disrupt the wedding industry by creating handcrafted goods + custom products that convey the couple or the energy of their wedding experience. I've created everything from massage oils + hangover-relieving serums to custom labeled insect repellent for each guest table. I love everything I do + create, I hope for that same joyful energy to be felt when using a Maven Made product. This is also why I use ethically-sourced materials + I don't make products or answer emails when I'm feeling "off" - energy transference is a real thing, the state of mind when making or thinking through something is incredibly important to the outcome.

What three ingredients are necessary for a great day at Maven Made?

Burning palo santo in the studio, streaming Spotify + connecting in some way with a customer.

What are some traits of your ideal client?

Most of my customers understand the importance of using mindful + handcrafted products. Most also understand the importance of self care + establishing rituals to nurture the body + mind. However, I have several customers that want to become more aware of this kind of thinking, not all to the same degree but they're open to it.


Besides making products in my home studio + getting people turned on to natural wellness products, I also find joy in hosting workshops, retreats + gatherings. I can't live without balance so on the flip side, I'm a fan of good beer, binging on Broad City + piddling around the city with my wife Ashleigh.





Richmond, VA

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