Roundup // 5 Engagement Gifts for Witchy Intentional Couples

It's that time of year when people are more likely to make the decision to get engaged and start planning their wedding. Engagement gifts are becoming more and more common as a way to celebrate a couple's decision to dedicate themselves to each other, but the last thing anyone needs is an engagement gift that tries to assert outside opinions into their relationship and engagement. Throughout the month of December we will be sharing engagement gifts that will help couples celebrate, but will leave all that patriarchal traditional bullshit behind. First off, the idea engagement gifts that our woo-woo loving Creative Director, Jen, would pick out for herself if she could do it all again. 

Here are five engagement gifts that are appropriate for your witchy engaged friends that will still let them be themselves.

1. Co+Habitate Spell Kit by HausWitch - $35

Whether or not your newly engaged friends are already living together or waiting to move in together after they tie the knot, it's always a good idea to take efforts to make sure that there is positive and balanced energy in their home. And the black moonstones that are included will help your friends avoid conflict when placed at the four corners of their shared space. Bonus! This gift isn't just for lovers, but great for roommates, too.

2. Air Plant Hangers by Elaine B Jewelry - $28-$64

Air plants are amazing, especially for people who don't have a green thumb as they need a lot less care than other plants. Gift this air plant hanger to your friends to provide them with natural beauty in their home without the stress and hassle of daily care.

3. Chakra Candles by Uncommon Goods - $49

Even if you are planning to elope, there are bound to be moments during their engagement that are stressful and can cause unbalance in their life. Gift this set of Chakra candles to aid in relaxation and meditation with scents that are designed to help focus on each of the chakras.

4. Energy Aid by Maven Made - $12

Believe me, your friends will grow tired of having to listen to other people's opinions about their wedding, their marriage, and their relationship. Give them this helpful energy aid by Maven Made to help them battle the exhaustion of rejecting people's outdated expectations.

5. Celebration Candle by Magic Hour Astrology - $20

The Celebration candle isn't your regular candle. It is made with herbs, essential oils, and a moonstone gemstone that is hidden inside. When lit, it helps to invite positivity into your life and to manifest all of the couple's well wishes for their future.